Do you also feel hotter than others… If yes – then know whether these problems are the reason for this!

Why Some People Feel More Hot: If you have a whole circle of friends, then you must have noticed that one friend feels hotter than the others. Although it is summer season, still some people get relief in cooler or AC. Some people get relief from the heat by drinking something cold, syrup or coconut water. But there is one or the other friend who wants to sit in AC even at minimum temperature. When  Everyone thinks about reducing the cooling of AC  Then that cooling increase  lays emphasis on. Have you ever thought that  Why does this happen. Does anyone  the person to others  K  It is normal to feel more hot than that. Or, it is a health condition.

Understand body temperature

Body temperature is normally 98.6  degrees Fahrenheit. Although according to age, work and place  There can be a slight difference in this. There is such a system in the body through which the body also controls its own temperature. Our blood  The circulatory system regulates temperature. Whenever someone gets too hot, the veins get dilated. Due to which the flow of blood accelerates. When you feel cold, then understand that the blood vessels shrink. 

Why does it feel hot?

Gin  There can be many reasons why people feel overheated. If you are under a lot of stress, your autonomic nervous system will be activated and blood will flow faster.  It will take Due to which you will feel more hot. If you eat more spicy food or take more caffeine and alcohol, then the heartbeat becomes faster, as well as heat and sweating also starts. Will take more heat than others. Thyroid, Peripheral  People with arterial disease and anemia may also feel hot. 
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