Eating fish with milk is forbidden, but can it be eaten with chicken?

Eating Fish And Chicken: To keep the body healthy one should include more and more nutritious things in the diet. Today we have brought something special for non-veg eaters. Many people forbid that this should not be eaten with fish, that should not be eaten. In such a situation, a question which is asked many times is whether chicken can be eaten with fish? Many times in the course of test, we eat many such things together which can be harmful for our body. The biggest question for non-veg eaters is whether chicken can be eaten with fish or not? Because the amount of protein in both is very high. 

People who have this problem should absolutely not eat fish and chicken together

A lot of protein is found in both fish and chicken. To keep the body healthy, eat chicken and fish. There is a lot of variety among the people who eat non-veg, they eat fish as a starter, while they eat chicken and mutton as a main course. According to Only My Health, it cannot be said that eating fish and chicken together causes any kind of harm to the body. Because both the proteins found in fish and chicken are of different types. In such a situation, it is very important to take care of one thing that people who have stomach problems or people who have allergies should avoid eating fish and chicken together because it can cause health problems. . 

Take care of this small thing while eating fish and chicken

Keep this small thing in mind while eating non-veg. Milk should not be drunk after eating chicken or fish. Because the properties found in milk or rather the protein found in milk are completely opposite to those of chicken and fish. Therefore, if you eat all three together, then the body may react. By eating these three things, you may start having skin related problems. Along with this, many types of problems can also be seen in the body. You should never eat curd after eating non-veg. Eating curd can cause serious stomach problems. 

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