Fast food and junk food are not the same, there is a big difference between these two, know what is more harmful for health?

Fast Food And Junk Food: Many people do not understand the difference between junk food and fast food. They think that both mean the same thing. Some people see things related to junk food as fast food, while some people see fast food as junk food. But do you know that both junk food and fast food are different and there is a big difference between them? Not only this, the disadvantages and advantages of eating them are also different. Let’s know…

Junk food 

Junk food is called such food items, which are available in packets and there is no hassle of making them. It takes hard work just to buy and eat after opening the packet. The amount of nutrients in junk food is zero. It contains saturated fat, extra sugar and more salt. Not only this, the amount of calories is also high, due to which there is always a risk of weight gain. You should always consume junk food in moderation. Because its consumption can cause many health risks. junk food one "empty calories" That means they contain calories but no nutritional value.

What is included in junk food

1. Potato Chips and Nachos

2. Biscuits

3. Chocolate Candy

4. Sweetened drinks and colas

5. Fried snacks like cheese puffs

6. Cake

All these food items are high in salt, sugar and oil and have no nutrition. 

fast food

Fast foods are such food items, which can be prepared quickly and easily. Fast food is not pre-prepared and stored like junk food. They are prepared immediately. Most of the things you order in restaurants are fast food.

What is included in fast food

1. Burger

2. Potato Fries

3. Noodles

4. Pizza

5. Sandwiches

6. Milk Shake

Which is more harmful?

By the way, both junk food and fast food are very harmful for health. But if one has to choose between these two, then fast food will be better. Fast food will cause less harm to health as compared to junk food. However, both the foods are unhealthy in terms of harm. 

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