Gauhar Khan reduced her 10 kg weight after 10 days of delivery, know from experts how dangerous it is to do so?

Gauahar Khan Weight Loss: It may take a few weeks to a few months or a few years to reduce the weight after the delivery of the child. Because after the birth of the child, the health of the woman is a bit weak and due to the care of the child, it can prove to be a bit difficult for the new mothers to pay attention to the weight immediately. However, actress Gauhar Khan has reduced her weight by 10 kilos in just 10 days of delivery.

Actually, a son has been born to Gauhar Khan and her husband Zaid Darbar. Gauhar reduced her 10 kg weight within 10 days of the birth of her son. He himself has given this information on Instagram. Now the question arises whether losing so much weight immediately after delivery is good for the health of mother and child? Let’s know…

According to the report of the Indian Express, a doctor told that after pregnancy, there is a possibility of a decrease in the weight of the woman by 4-5 kg, because during pregnancy the weight of the woman increases. Some part is of the baby, amniotic fluid and placenta. Since after the birth of the child, the body of the woman expels the extra water within a week, so the weight of the woman can be reduced by 2-3 kg. Weight loss up to 8-10 kgs in a few weeks after delivery is absolutely normal. Although the process of weight loss or gain varies from woman to woman.

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Is it good to lose weight immediately after delivery?

As far as weight is concerned, it also depends on How much weight did you gain during pregnancy and what is the weight of the baby. The weight of the child of some women is less and the weight of the child of some women is more. If you have gained weight according to your body type or height, then it is more likely that you will lose weight after delivery. 

Another doctor said that it is better to lose weight immediately after delivery. It is not right to have a target of However, if you are losing your weight by taking the help of the right expert or doctor, then it is okay. Because they will give you correct information about what to eat, what kind of diet to take, what not to eat. 

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How to lose weight after pregnancy

If you want to lose weight after pregnancy If you want to do this, then consult a health expert. Consume nutritious food including green vegetables, fruits, pulses, whole grains, legumes. Walk for 45 minutes five days a week and do yoga, exercise or jogging. have a good sleep. Keep distance from stress and any kind of worry. Do not eat unhealthy things at all and do not make the mistake of being hungry. 

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, consult a doctor or concerned expert. Do seek advice.

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