Hanuman Ji: These are the 10 ultimate Hanuman devotees of Kalikal, some were given darshan by God and some are considered as Hanuman Avatar

Hanuman Ji: Anjani’s son Hanuman is one of the most important characters in the epic Ramayana. Hanuman ji is called the 11th Rudravatar of Shiva. Therefore the Lord is extremely strong and intelligent. Hanuman is also very dear to Lord Shriram. It is said that Hanuman ji was born only to worship and serve Lord Rama.

Hanuman ji is present in body even today

According to astrological calculations, Hanuman ji was born 58 thousand 112 years ago in Chitra Nakshatra and Aries ascendant on Tuesday, on the full moon day of Chaitra month, in the last period of Tretayuga. Hanuman ji is known by many names like Maruti, Anjani Putra, Vayuputra, Bajrangbali, Mahabali, Pingaksha etc. Hanuman ji is the only deity who is still physically present on earth. That’s why worshiping them in Kalikal is considered fruitful.

10 supreme devotees of Kalikal Hanuman ji

Hanuman ji is a dear devotee and servant of Lord Rama. That’s why they are also called devotees of Ram. But Hanuman ji also has lakhs of devotees. It is said that the one who worships Hanuman ji, he is never troubled by fear and troubles stay away. Not only this, the one who worships Hanuman ji himself also gets the feeling of God’s existence. There are many devotees of Hanuman ji in Kalikal or Kalyug. Know about such supreme devotees of Hanuman ji who have got the darshan of Hanuman ji. While some of these devotees are said to be the incarnation of Hanuman ji. 

  • Madhavacharyaji: Madhavacharyaji was born in 1238 AD. He was the supreme devotee of Lord Shriram and Hanumanji. It is said that Madhavacharya was visited by Hanuman in his ashram.
  • Shri Vyas Rai Teerth Shri Vyas Rai Teerth He was born in 1447 at Bannur on the banks of the Kaveri river in Karnataka. Shri Vyas Rai Tirtha was an ardent devotee of Hanuman ji. He established 732 Veer Hanuman temples during his lifetime. Along with this, he wrote Pranav Nadirai, Mukka Pran Padirai and Sadgun Charit on Hanuman ji. It happened on the seventh day of Shukla Paksha. It is said that first of all Hanuman ji appeared to Tulsidasji in the form of a ghost. But Tulsidas immediately recognized Hanumanji.
  • Raghavendra Swami Born in 1595, Raghavendra Swami was a guru of the Madhav community. He was a devotee of Ram and a devotee of Hanuman ji. It is said that Raghavendra Swami also had a vision of Hanuman ji.
  • Samarth Ramdas- Samarth Swami Ramdas was born in 1608 on Ram Navami near Goda beach. He was the Guru of Chhatrapati Shivaji and a devotee of Hanuman ji. In Maharashtra, he preached for Ram and Hanuman bhakti. It is said that Samarth Ramdas also had darshan of Hanumanji.
  • Saint Tyagaraja- 
  • Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa- Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa was born in 1836. Happened in Along with Maa Kali, he was also an ardent devotee of Hanumanji. It is said that Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa used to be engrossed in the devotion of Hanuman ji.
  • Swami Vivekananda- Swami Vivekananda, a disciple of Ramakrishna Paramhansa, had a deep interest in spirituality. He always used to inspire his disciples with the stories of Hanumanji. He always told his disciples to follow the ideals of Hanuman ji. 
  • Shirdi Sai Baba- It is said that Sai Baba was blessed by Hanuman ji And he used to worship Lord Shriram and Hanuman. Even in his last time, he narrated the episode of Ram Vijay and left his body. There are many proofs of this that Sai Baba of Shirdi was a great devotee of Hanuman ji. happened around His linseed name was Lakshminarayan Sharma. Neem Karoli Baba was an ardent devotee of Hanuman ji and he built 108 temples of Hanumanji across the country. It is said that Hanuman ji used to give darshan to Baba. And the devotees of Baba consider him to be the incarnation of Hanuman ji.

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