Hanuman Ji: Was Hanuman ji married? Click here if you do not know the answer to this question

Hanuman Ji Marriage: Hanuman ji is considered the most powerful deity of Kalyug. It is believed that Bajrangbali is Chiranjeevi, the devotee who worships him with true heart, Hanuman ji himself comes running. Hanumanji had dedicated his whole life in the devotion of Lord Rama. Hanuman ji is a child celibate but according to the scriptures Hanuman ji has also been married.

There is even a temple in India where Hanumanji and his wife are worshiped together. How did Hanuman ji get married, who is his wife and why is Hanuman ji called Brahmachari even after being married? Let us know the answers to these questions.

Why did Hanuman ji get married? (Story of Hanuman Ji Vivah)

The story of Hanuman ji’s marriage is found in Parashar code. According to Parashar Samhita, Hanuman ji had accepted Surya Dev as his Guru. Surya Dev had 9 Vidyas, whose education Hanuman ji wanted to get. Hanuman ji had learned five vidyas, but to give the knowledge of the other 4 vidyas to Hanuman ji, a crisis has arisen in front of the Sun God because for this it was necessary for Hanuman ji to be married.

Who is Hanuman ji’s wife? (Hanuman ji and wife)

In this situation, Sun God advised marriage to Hanuman ji. Hanuman ji had vowed to get complete education, so Bajrangbali agreed to tie the knot. Now everyone started thinking about who would be the bride for Hanuman ji, that’s why Suryadev talked about the marriage of Hanuman ji with his supremely stunning daughter Survachala. Hanuman ji and Survachala got married with complete rituals. After this, Surya Dev provided all the disciplines to Hanuman ji, taking forward the order of education.

Hanuman ji was called celibate even after marriage

Before marriage, Surya Dev had told Hanuman ji that he would remain a child celibate even after marriage because his daughter Survachala would remain engrossed in penance even after marriage. Being the ultimate ascetic, Survachala got engrossed in penance. In this way Hanuman ji may have got married but physically he is still a celibate.

Here Hanuman ji is worshiped with his wife

 A temple of Hanuman ji has been built in Khammam district of Telangana where Hanuman ji is sitting as a householder with his wife Suvarchala. It is believed that a visit here solves all the problems in married life.

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