Happy Shani Jayanti 2023 Wishes: Send special devotional messages to loved ones on Shani Jayanti and best wishes

Happy Shani Jayanti 2023 Wishes: The birth anniversary of Shani Dev, the giver of karma, is celebrated on Jyestha Amavasya. This is called Shani Jayanti. This year Shani Jayanti is on 19 May 2023. In astrology, Shani has been considered as a judge. They give fruits to a person on the basis of good or bad deeds. It is believed that no one can escape from Shani’s Sadhesati and Dhaiyya, but on Shani Jayanti special worship of Shani Dev, doing charity can reduce the side effects of Shani Mahadasha. To please Shani Dev, the day of Shani Jayanti is considered very important. On this day, people wish each other Shani Jayanti by sending congratulatory messages.

Today is the festival of Shani Jayanti, I will worship you
His boat does not sink, those who take refuge

If you promise to do good deeds
then Shani Dev will not obstruct any work

Both are great in the world, one Shani and the other Hanuman,
Kripa Karo Kripanidhan, do welfare of all

Look at the glory of Lord Shani
Look at doing justice equally
The miseries of life go away
Go to his shelter

Om Nilanjanasamabhasan Raviputran Yamagrajam
चयामार्टंदसाम्भूतं तं नमामि शनैश्चरम् 

O Shani Dev, you are hailed
Your image of blue color, 
You are the sacrifice of the planetary system
The world and the world surrender at your feet

Jai-Jai Shri Shani Dev Prabhu, Sunhu Vinay Maharaj
Karhun Kripa O Ravi Tanay, keep the shame of the people

Who has the guts to make eye contact with you,
You are the son of the Sun and son of the shadow,
Kaal runs away after seeing your idol< /strong>

O dark-skinned, O blue-throated
Black-faced, light-bodied
Accept our salutations, we are yours, Lord Shani strong>

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