Horoscope Today 19 May 2023: Aries, Cancer, Capricorn people should not do this work on Shani Jayanti, know today’s horoscope of all 12 zodiac signs

Horoscope Today 19 May 2023, Aaj Ka Daily Horoscope: According to astrology, 19 May 2023, Friday is an important day. Till 09:23 tonight, Amavasya Tithi will again be Pratipada Tithi. Today morning till 07:30 Bharani Nakshatra will remain Kritika Nakshatra. Today Vashi Yoga, Anandadi Yoga, Sunfa Yoga, Shobhan Yoga will be supported by planets. If your zodiac sign is Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, then you will get the benefit of Shash Yoga. Moon will be in Taurus sign after 01:36 pm.

Note the auspicious time for auspicious work on this day, today there are two times. From 08:15 am to 10:15 am there will be Choghadiya of Labh-Amrit and from 01:15 pm to 02:15 pm there will be auspicious Choghadiya. There, Rahukal will be there from 10:30 am to 12:00 noon. What is Friday bringing for people of other zodiac signs? Let’s know today’s horoscope (Rashifal in Hindi)-

The moon will remain in the second house, which will benefit from finance. Due to the formation of Vasi, Sunfa and Shobhan Yoga, you can get monetary benefits by making some changes in the business. Will complete the work by being total minded in the office. You can get angry on your love and life partner because of something. It will be good for you to do some work at the social and political level on the same day. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the family regarding any auspicious event. Will be troubled by acidity, keep distance from oily food and drink. To get success, students have to maintain concentration in their study keeping in mind the time. “By wasting money you only become poor, but by wasting time you lose a part of your life.”
Lucky Colour- Pink,No-5

< p style ="text-align: justify;">Taurus zodiac sign-
The moon will remain in your zodiac, due to which discretion will increase. In business, you will have to make more efforts to make your dreams a reality. “The easiest way to make dreams come true is to wake up.”At workspace, you may be asked to lead the team. Planning to go on a long drive with the family can be made. Love and attraction will increase in love and married life. You will be worried and worried about throat infection. Before doing any work at the social and political level, do it only after doing research about it. Sports person will get success in his field.
Lucky color- Purple, no-2

The Moon will remain in the 12th house, which will benefit from new foreign contacts. There will be a delay in getting the money stuck in the market, which will affect the economic condition of the business. Struggle will have to be faced in completing the tasks at the workspace. You will be troubled by joint pan. Due to quarrels with love and life partner, the day will go in vain. You will be worried about the domestic dispute happening in the family. Business related trip may have to be canceled due to any reason. Due to laziness and carelessness, the sports person will have to face defeat on the track. “Defeat is a lesson, an opportunity to improve.”
Lucky Colour- Grey, No-7

The Moon will remain in the 11th house, due to which there will be loss in profit. The vehicle of profit will move forward in logistics, travel and tourism business. To get better results at the workplace, focus on your work. At the social and political level, you will be in full energy, due to which your work will be timely completed. Any big problem in the family will be solved only by the elders and your mediation. Will spend loveable moments with love and life partner. In terms of health, you will feel a little tired. Students should be careful about studies.
Lucky color- white, number-1

Singh Rashi (Leo)-
Moon will be in 10th house which will make you a crazeholic. With the formation of Vasi, Sunfa and Shobhan Yoga, you will increase the growth of your business by hard work and dedication in the business. You have to focus on shining your skills at the workplace. Your simple behavior in love and married life will make life better along with the day. Avoid doing evil to anyone on any social platform. To improve your health, add meditation and yoga to your lifestyle. The experience of seniors and teachers will be useful for students to complete a project. “Experience is the fruit planted at the top of the tree, which requires hard work to get, but its taste is the sweetest.”There may be a decline in the health of someone in the family.
Lucky Color- cream,no-4

Kanya Rashi (Virgo)-
Moon will be in the 9th house due to which social life will be good. Due to the formation of Vasi, Sunfa and Shobhan Yoga, the business will accelerate, along with this you will be successful in completing the order timely. Seniors at the workplace will be happy with your actions. You will be successful in trying to bring sweetness in the relationship. Will refresh old things by sitting with love and life partner. Do not be negligent in the matter of health. You can get someone’s advice at the social level. “The path is definitely found by someone’s advice, but the destination is reached only by one’s own hard work.” Planning for personal and professional traveling can be done.
Lucky Colour- Golden, Number-7

Libra zodiac sign (Libra)
The moon will remain in the 8th house due to which there may be problems in travel. You will have to face some difficulties regarding labor strike in industrial business. Due to wrong behavior, your problems on the workspace can increase. In which you should improve. You should maintain peace in domestic work. Any talk of love and life partner can give you tension. Be alert in the matter of health, keep distance from processed food. Sports person practice carefully, injury may occur. Postponing work at the social level will benefit you in maintaining distance. “Less complaints, less excuses and less procrastination is the key to more success.”
Lucky Colour- Navy Blue, No-3

Shani Dev: Rare Raja Yoga is being formed by the grace of Shani, these 4 zodiac signs have immense wealth benefits, every work will be successful

Moon will remain in the 7th house, which will benefit from partnership business. Due to the formation of Vasi, Sunfa and Shobhan yoga, new contacts will be created in the business, due to which you will get new contracts and the income of your business will increase. Smart work at the workplace will make you everyone’s favourite. You will be troubled by the problems of body pain. There will be presence of elders in removing the problems coming at the social and political level. You will be successful in strengthening the relationship in love and married life. Everyone will accept your advice for any work related to property in the family. To succeed in competitive exams, one has to concentrate in studies.
Lucky Colour- Yellow ,No-4

Moon will be in the sixth house, which will help you get rid of debt. Along with becoming a pro in hotel and motel business, your expenditure will also increase. Seeing your smart work, opponents at the workplace will be jealous. Will enjoy the day with love and life partner. Be alert in the matter of health. Take some time out from professional life and spend with family. At the social level, your work will be discussed everywhere. Students have to focus on hard work with confidence to be successful. “The way a lamp needs wick and oil to light it, in the same way a man needs self-confidence and hard work to be successful.”
Lucky Colour- Orange, No-1

The moon will be in the 5th house, due to which the studies of the students will be good. With the formation of Vasi, Sunfa and Shobhan Yog, team work in hand printed, readymade garment business will complete the order time. Your behavior at workplace will attract everyone. Some problems related to health will have to be faced. In the presence of all the members, an outline of religious work can be made with the family. You will be successful in making your love and life partner happy. At the social and political level, you will have to do your work with determination, only then it will be beneficial for you. “Determination is that determination, which tells you to stand firm even when you are tired of hard work.” Students will have a better day.
Lucky Colour- Green, No-5

Moon will remain in the fourth house due to which there will be a decrease in family comforts. In partnership business, you will get less profit than everyday, the main reason for which will be your laziness. Unemployed people will face failure even after trying. Due to excessive use of electronic gadgets, some problems related to the eyes will have to be faced. You will not be able to spend time with your family. By engaging in useless activities, the attention of the students will deviate from the study and they will be weak in the study. “Whatever makes you weak, physical, intellectual or mental. Discard it like poison.” Be alert about your health while traveling.
Lucky Colour- Silver, No-6

Moon will be in the third house, which will increase courage. Due to the formation of Vasi, Sunfa and Shobhan Yoga, you will join a big chain in the fitness equipment business, which will benefit you a lot. You can be mentally disturbed at the workplace. Health can get disturbed due to weakness. Your bonding will be better with everyone in the family. Will spend time with love and life partner in a funny mood. Due to sudden traveling, your stuck work will be completed. If students want to improve their life, then they have to pay attention to their education. “Education is the most powerful weapon, with which you can change the world.”
Lucky Colour- Brown,No-8

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