How long should you drink water after eating ice cream, know the useful thing

Ice Cream And Water : The summer season is going on. Everyone likes the taste of ice cream in this season. This is a favorite of children. Some people consider eating ice cream beneficial. They believe that eating it keeps the body cool and gives relief from heat. But have you ever wondered why we feel thirsty whenever we eat ice cream. This happens with everyone. It should be remembered that no matter how thirsty you feel after eating ice cream, but do not drink water (water after eating ice cream side effects). Let’s know the reason for this
Why do I feel very thirsty after eating ice cream
There is also a scientific reason for feeling thirsty after eating ice cream. According to a research, ice cream is made up of sugar and sodium. Whenever you eat ice cream, both get mixed in the blood and the blood starts spreading in the body. After this the cells start sucking water. Our brain understands this whole process very well and sends signals to a small part of it. This is called the hypothalamus. This signal makes us feel thirsty. This is the reason why one feels thirsty after eating ice cream.
When to drink water after eating ice cream
According to health experts, one should avoid drinking water immediately after eating ice cream. This is not at all good for your health. If you drink water within a few minutes of eating Ice Cream, then problems start in the throat. Your throat may get sore and there may be a problem of soreness in it. Due to this, problems also start in the teeth. That’s why whenever you eat ice cream, try to drink water only after 15 minutes. With this you can save yourself from many problems.
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