It will be easy to beat the heat because we are telling you the recipe for making Gola Chuski at home.

Gola Chuski Recipe: The agony of scorching sun and heat is increasing day by day. To get relief from the heat, people like to eat ice cream and ice cream also has a variety of colorful ice balls. People like to eat these balls very much. Especially children are very fond of it. But the ice ball available in the market can harm your health. Actually, the sphere which is going to be available in the market can be made of contaminated water, due to which there is a risk of infection. Eating this can cause stomach upset, apart from this, chemical colors are mixed in it, which causes harm to the body. However, there is nothing to worry considering all this because you can prepare ice balls at home too. Now you will not have to lose your health to eat ice balls, nor will you have to go out. Because we are sharing you the recipe of making ice gola at home. Let us know its method.

Ingredients to make ice balls

  • Ice cubes as required
  • Ice cream sticks
  • Glass tumbler
  • Flavor of your choice 
  • Black salt
  • Lemon



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How to make balls

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