Jyeshta Amavasya 2023: 3 dangerous yogas are being made on Jyestha Amavasya, these four zodiac signs have to be careful

Jyeshta Amavasya 2023: Amavasya and Purnima are considered festivals in Hindu religion. On Amavasya, there is a tradition of bathing in holy rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Shipra, Narmada and donating to the needy. This year Jyeshtha Amavasya is on 19 May 2023. Shani Jayanti and Vat Savitri fast will also be observed on this day. Shukla Paksha of Jyestha month will start from this day.

This time many auspicious yogas are being formed on Jyeshtha Amavasya, while 3 inauspicious yogas are also being formed due to the combination of planets and constellations, which can prove to be harmful for many zodiac signs. Let us know which inauspicious yogas are being formed on Jyestha Amavasya and which zodiac signs have to be careful.

Jyeshtha Amavasya 2023 Ashubh Yoga (Jyeshta Amavasya 2023 Ashubh Yoga)

  1. Guru Chandal yoga- Presently Jupiter and Rahu are sitting in Aries. Guru Chandal Yoga is being formed due to the combination of these two planets on Jyeshtha Amavasya, which is not considered good from the point of view of astrology. It is said that all auspicious yogas become unaffected by its side effects. There is a bad effect on health related problems and character.
  2. Grahan Yoga- Gajakesari Yoga is formed due to the combination of Moon and Jupiter in Aries on Jyestha Amavasya. If there is, then due to the combination of Moon and Rahu, there will be eclipse yoga on this day. On Jyeshtha Amavasya, the Moon will be present in Aries till 01.35 in the afternoon.  The auspiciousness of life gets eclipsed due to Grahan Yoga.
  3. Jadatva Yoga- Mercury is moving in Aries, while Rahu is also moving in Aries. is sitting in. Due to the combination of Mercury and Rahu, there will be effect of inertia yoga on Jyestha Amavasya. In astrology, inertia yoga is considered very dangerous. Due to its effect, there is constant ups and downs in the life of the natives.

Jyeshta Amavasya 2023 these zodiac signs have to be careful (Jyeshta Amavasya 2023 Unlucky Zodiac Sign)

  • Leo Rashi – Inertia Yoga on Jyeshtha Amavasya can affect the people of Leo Rashi. Avoid traveling any long distance during this time period otherwise you may have to face problems. Business people should not make new investments at this time. Keep restraint on speech, because of inconsistent language, relations with father and gurus can be spoiled. Can have a bad effect on your health. Don’t be careless about your health. Money spent in business will increase financially. In such a situation, keep a check on the expenditure of money.
  • Kanya Rashi – During this period of conjunction of Guru-Rahu, the people of Virgo may be mentally disturbed. In this case, chant the mantras of Jupiter on Jyestha Amavasya. This will increase your confidence. One should be alert regarding health. Avoid failure during this period. Your budget may get disturbed, so don’t spend unnecessarily.
  • Taurus zodiac – Inertia yoga on Jyeshta Amavasya can affect Taurus people as well. During this period, there will be estrangement with the life partner. There can be loss of money. There are chances of failure in court cases. Avoid investing otherwise you will have to face financial losses.

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