Lakshmi Ganesh: Where and how should the idol of Lakshmi-Ganesh be kept, if you know the right way then the bank and purse will be full of money

Lakshmi Ganesh Photo: Lord Ganesha is considered to be the god of knowledge, while mother Lakshmi is considered to be the goddess of wealth. We should always keep the idol of Lakshmi-Ganesh together, because a person earns money only with the help of knowledge, if there is no knowledge then money will not come. That is why the idols of both these deities are kept together.

We should take care of many things in the temple of our house. There is also a rule as to which idol should be kept where. If you do not follow this rule then you may have to face problems at home or in your life. It is necessary that this thing should be specially taken care of, how and where the idol of Lakshmi-Ganesh should be kept, what is the correct way of keeping the idol, let us know.

The right way to keep Lakshmi-Ganesh idol

  • While placing the idol, keep in mind that wherever there is an idol of Lakshmi-Ganesh, keep that place clean.
  • Before installing the idol of Lakshmi-Ganesh, spread a red colored cloth under it. .
  • Ganesha’s idol should be placed on the left side of Mahalakshmi’s idol.
  • It is believed that the left place belongs to the wife, keep this in mind while installing it. Keep specially.
  • Mahalakshmi should always be on the right side of Ganapati.
  • Keep your household papers, pass book, money related things near Lakshmi Ganesha idol or Shree Yantra Keep it.
  • Idol of Lakshmi Ganesh ji is an indicator of auspiciousness.
  • Take care of this not only at home but 
  • office, shop etc. Can also be placed on the workspace.

If you follow these small things, then in no time you will start feeling the difference in your life. The obstacles related to money, or the defects that are present will end.

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on beliefs and information only. It is important to mention here that does not confirm any kind of recognition, information. Before acting on any information or belief, seek relevant expert advice.

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