Menstrual Hygiene Day: These mistakes are made while throwing sanitary pads, this is the right way, otherwise the disease will reach home in reverse.

How to throw sanitary pads

How to throw sanitary pads Keep a separate dustbin or keep a paper bag. And keep the pad of periods in this. Do not mix pads with dry or wet waste. 

Fold and wrap menstrual pads properly in paper or newspaper before disposing them. You can also wrap it properly in the cover of the pad you use. By doing this, bad smell, insects and bacteria will not be able to flourish in it. While throwing the sanitary pad, the most important thing is to wrap it very carefully and throw it wrapped in paper. 

The most important thing is that whenever you use the sanitary pad Use it throw it in the dustbin outside. Do not store in household dustbin for a long time otherwise bacteria can attack. 

The dustbin you are using to throw sanitary pads must have a lid. So that the smell does not go out. 

Never flush sanitary pads in the toilet as they can cause problems in your plumbing. Whenever you use sanitary pads outside during periods, keep extra paper with you. Throw away the used pad wrapped in the same paper. 

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