Nautapa 2023: Nautapa will start from May 25, coincidence of Guru Pushya Nakshatra and Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga on the day of Nautapa

Nautapa 2023: According to the Panchang, Nautapa begins every year along with the summer season. During the 9 days of Nautapa, there is extreme heat. Nautapa begins when the Sun God enters the Moon’s Nakshatra i.e. Rohini Nakshatra.

According to astrology, this year Nautpa will start from Thursday 25th May 2023 and will remain till 2nd June. Surya Dev will enter Rohini Nakshatra after 4 pm on May 25 and will remain in this Nakshatra for the whole 15 days i.e. till June 8. The first 9 days of Nautapa are very hot. The reason for this is that during this time the sun’s rays fall directly on the earth and severe heat is felt.

Combination of these auspicious Yoga and Nakshatra on the day of Nautapa

According to astrology, Nautapa will start from Thursday, 25 May 2023, and on this day, along with Guru Pushya Nakshatra, there will be Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga. With the combination of these auspicious Nakshatra and Yoga, Sun will enter Rohini Nakshatra of Moon. Nautapa will start as soon as Sun enters Rohini Nakshatra. During this period, the temperature of the earth also starts increasing due to the conjunction of Sun, Mars and Mercury with Saturn.

9 days of Nautapa

Signs of good rainfall from Nautpa’s heat

As soon as Nautapa begins, the earth will start heating up with intense heat for 9 days. This year Rohini Nakshatra’s abode will be on the sea coast and Rajak’s abode will be in the same vehicle Sichanu. It is believed that when the beach is inhabited at the time of Sun’s entry into the Rohini Nakshatra, it is considered a sign of good rains in the future. In such a situation, there may be good rainfall this year due to the heat of Nautpa.

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