Now even the scorching heat will not make you sleep, adopt this trick 1 hour before sleeping, you will get a peaceful sleep

Summer Sleeping Tips : Good and deep sleep is most important for good health. Many types of health problems start happening without restful sleep. Sleeplessness becomes a problem in the summer season. Sleep breaks many times during sleep. Because of this, many diseases can surround you. So if you also want to get good sleep in summer (Summer Sleeping Tips), then start following some tips from today itself…
Sleep peacefully and get rid of diseases
1. Good and sound sleep keeps the mind calm.
2. Getting enough sleep makes the digestive system strong.
3. Peaceful sleep also strengthens the immune system.
4. Good sleep keeps away from mental stress.
5. If sleep is complete then the face remains full.
Home remedies for good sleep
1. Whenever you go to sleep, sleep only after drinking hot milk an hour before. Doing this daily improves sleep.
2. Oil massage is the best way to get a peaceful sleep. Massage with oil also improves heart health.
3. Taking a bath with lukewarm water before sleeping helps in getting good sleep.
4. If you are unable to sleep at night, then take a short nap during the day. This will keep the mood fresh and full of energy.
5. Have dinner 2 or 3 hours before sleeping at night. Sleeping immediately after eating causes stomach acid to irritate the chest, which makes it difficult to sleep.
6. Avoid nicotine, caffeine and alcohol before sleeping at night. They work to disturb sleep.
7. Use less phone before sleeping. This does not cause sleep and also has a negative effect on the eyesight.
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