Play Holi by being cool… not a single hair of yours will be dandy, just do this work before going to color

Hair Care Tips For Holi: Those who like to make hue and cry in the fun of colors and gulal, have only one fear in it and that is the health of their skin and hair. Because due to the color, the band of both of them rings and the after effects of the colors containing harmful chemicals are visible on the looks for a long time. But Holi fun is also only for one day in a year… and if you can’t make a splash on that too, then what is the fun of the festival! Do not take tension, here you are being told those easy tips, due to which the colors of Holi will not have any bad effect on your hair…

How to protect hair from Holi colours?

  • 8th March i.e. tomorrow is Dulhandi and before playing with color fiercely, apply mustard oil in your hair and go to sleep at night. If you don’t want to apply this oil at night, wake up early in the morning and massage your head with this oil and only then go for coloring. There is a reduction in the damage and the color is easily removed from the hair. Because the smoothness of the oil does not allow the color to climb on your scalp and hair. So your hair color and texture will also remain perfect.

How to take care of hair after Holi?

  • After playing Holi, after you shampoo, apply aloe vera gel to your hair. This gel should be completely natural and pure. For this you use aloe vera leaf. 
  • If you want, you can also use instant hair serum (How to make hair serum at home). For this, mix aloe vera, amla and lemon juice and grind them in a grinder. Then filter it with a sieve and remove the fibers separately. The filtered watery liquid is the natural hair serum. Apply it directly to the hair.
  • Apply it along the hair roots as well as in the length. It has to be used after shampooing and leave it on. It will dry completely in 10 to 15 minutes and will rapidly repair the damage done to the colored hair. You can use this serum every day. That means even after Holi. Because this serum is a panacea to prevent hair fall.


Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do consult a doctor or related expert.

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