Pregnancy: ‘Garbharakshak Srivasudev Sutra’ prevents abortion, protects the unborn child, know the method and rules

Garbh Rakshak Shri Vasudev Sutra: Along with the mother-to-be, the whole family also wants that the birth of the little guest should be healthy and safe. For this, full care is taken of the diet, exercise, lifestyle and medical treatment of the pregnant woman. Because there is a risk of miscarriage if there is a slight mistake. 

In astrology, the use of Garbhrakshak Shrivasudev Sutra has been considered effective to prevent abortion. Due to this, the child growing in the womb is protected and there is no heat on it. Regarding this sutra, it is said that the child growing in the womb of Abhimanyu’s wife Uttara was also protected by the Garbhrakshak Srivasudev Sutra.

When Ashwatthama fired the Brahmastra on Uttara’s womb

There is an incident of the Mahabharata war regarding Garbharakshak Sutra, according to which all the brothers of Duryodhana were killed in the Mahabharata war and in the end Bhima also killed Duryodhana. On the other hand, within Ashwatthama, the son of Guru Dronacharya, the fire of taking revenge on the Pandavas was burning. At that time Uttara, daughter-in-law of Arjuna and wife of Abhimanyu, was pregnant. In order to take revenge on the Pandavas and destroy their future progeny, Ashwatthama fired the infallible Brahmastra on Uttara’s womb.

Only then Uttara’s voice was heard in Shri Krishna’s ears and Shri Krishna immediately covered Uttara’s womb with his Maya Kavach. In this way Lord Vasudeva became the protector of the child growing in Uttara’s womb and the unfailing Brahmastra launched by Ashwatthama became ineffective.  

Grabrakshak Srivasudev Sutra and how to use it

  • Garbharakshak Shrivasudev Sutra is made from raw thread and is to be worn by a pregnant woman after being invoked with a mantra. It is a religious belief that this protects the unborn child and prevents miscarriage.
  • To prepare Garbharakshak Sutra, first a pregnant woman should wear clean clothes after bath. After this do Shanti Puja of Shri Krishna, Ganesha and Navagraha.
  • After this sit facing east. Any other woman of the house who is pure should measure 7 times from head to toe of the pregnant woman with raw cotton, saffron thread or silk thread and fold the thread seven times. ;Om Anthastha: Sarvabhutaanamatma Yogeshwaro Hari: Swamayyavrnod Garbha Vairatya: Kurutantve Swaha’ Tie a knot in the thread while chanting 21 times. In this way, after 21 knots in the thread, worship.
  • While meditating on Lord Krishna, a pregnant woman should pray for protection of the womb and tie this thread around her neck, left hand core or waist. wear in  
  • You can consult a priest or an astrologer to make Garbharakshak Srivasudev Sutra, recite worship and invoke. Wearing the sutra protects the fetus.

Follow these rules while wearing the contraceptive formula

  • Wear the Garbhrakshak Sutra for one and a quarter months after the birth of the baby and then let it flow in water.
  • After one and a quarter months after delivery a new thread can be made and worn around the child’s neck.< /li>
  • A pregnant woman should avoid going to any Sutak or Patak house after wearing Garbharakshak Sutra. That is, do not go to a house where someone has died or a child has been born.
  • A woman wearing a contraceptive formula should not eat non-vegetarian food.

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on beliefs and information only. It is necessary to mention here that does not confirm any kind of recognition, information. Before acting on any information or belief, seek relevant expert advice.

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