Shakuni Mama: What was the secret of Shakuni Mama’s dice? Whenever we used to gamble, we used to win

Mahabharat Story in Hindi: Shakuni Mama is considered the main character of Mahabharata. People consider Shakuni Mama to be evil, devious and cunning. Because every time he told Duryodhana the wrong path, due to which the war of Mahabharata took place.

Who was Shukani?

Shakuni Mama is also called the villain of Mahabharata. Because Shakuni Mama’s important role is considered in the Mahabharata war. Shakuni was Duryodhana’s maternal uncle, Gandhari’s brother and Dhritarashtra’s brother-in-law. They are also called Gandhara Raj. Shakuni’s maternal uncle always used to inspire Duryodhana to do devious tricks. Not only this, because of Shakuni, the Pandavas were also forced to gamble.  

Shakuni was a gambler

Shakuni was an expert player in Chauras (gambling). In mythological times, gambling was not played with cards but with ‘Chauras’. Which used to be like Ludo’s goti. Shakuni was very expert in this game. Whenever he used to gamble, he used to win. The reason for this was that Shakuni’s people always used to listen to Shakuni only. Whatever number Shakuni wanted in the dice, the dice used to put the same number in front.

What was the secret of Shakuni’s dice?

Shakuni’s parents always obeyed him. The reason for this was that Shakuni’s dice were made from the spinal cord of his dead father and because of this his father’s soul resided in the dice. It is said that Shakuni’s father told Shakuni before his death that after my death, you make dice out of my bones. The dice made of my bones will always obey you and no one can beat you in gambling in life. That’s why if Shakuni had called the dice six, then only six would have come in the dice.

However, Ved Vyas ji has not described the secret of Shakuni’s dice and the story of revenge in Mahabharata. This story is based only on folklore and legends. On the other hand, many scholars also believe that Shakuni’s dice were made of ivory. Many people are also of the opinion that Shakuni’s dice obeyed him also because Shakuni used to manipulate the dice in his favor through illusions and hypnosis.  

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