Shani Dev: Why is oil offered to Shani Dev on Saturdays, know what is the relation between oil and Shani?

Shani Dev: On Saturdays, for the special blessings of Shani Dev, oil is offered to Shani Dev by going to Shani temple every Saturday. Often you must have seen that some people carry Shani Dev’s picture half-immersed in oil in a small bucket on the road, intersections or outside temples and come from house to house to collect oil and money.

< p style ="text-align: justify;">After all why oil is offered to Shani Dev on Saturday. What is the reason why Shani Dev loves mustard oil. After all, what is the relationship between Saturn and oil?

Why Shani Dev loves oil

According to the legend, when Ravana was shattered in his ego, he had made all the planets captive by his power. He had also hanged Shani Dev upside down in the prison. At the same time Hanumanji had gone to Lanka as the messenger of Lord Ram. Ravana had set Hanumaji’s tail on fire in arrogance. Enraged by this, Hanumanji burnt the whole of Lanka, Lanka was burnt and all the planets were freed, but due to severe pain in Shani’s body hanging upside down, he was moaning in pain.

To calm this pain of Shani, Hanumanji had massaged his body with oil and freed Shani from pain. Then Shani Dev asked Hanuman ji to ask for a boon? So Hanuman ji said, those who worship me in Kalyug, will not give any inauspicious fruit. That is why it has been said that ‘Aur deity chit na dharai, Hanumat sei sarva sukh karai’ And since then Hanuman ji is worshiped every Saturday and at the same time Shani Dev said that whoever offers oil on me with full faith and devotion will get freedom from all problems. 

Just then the tradition of offering oil on Shani Dev started. If you also want to please Shani Dev, then do offer oil to Shani Dev on this special day.

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