Shri Premanand ji Maharaj: You will be surprised to know the life introduction of Maharaj Premanand ji of Vrindavan, read his biography here

Shri Premanand ji Maharaj: The name of Shri Premanand Maharaj ji is one of the supreme devotees of Radha Rani. The devotee who listens to his satsang with his heart, he definitely gets the darshan of Radharani. Param Pujya Premanand Maharaj ji was born in a Brahmin family in Sarson village of Kanpur. Maharaj ji’s name was Anirudh Kumar Pandey. Both his father and grandfather were sanyasis. His mother was pious. His parents used to serve saints and seers and used to show respect.

Within some time Maharaj chose the path of Adhatyam and started chanting Shri Krishna Govind Hare Murari. With this he left his home. It is believed that Bholenath himself appeared to Premanand ji and after that he came to Vrindavan.

It is believed that after coming to Vrindavan, Premanand Maharaj used to watch the pastimes of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and watch Rasleela at night. After this there was a change in his life. He renounced sannyas and chose the path of devotion.

It is believed that Maharaj ji used to gaze at Radha ji himself in the Radha Vallabh temple. Maharaj ji went to the Radha Vallabh sect and took refuge mantra. After a few days Maharaj ji met his present Satguru ji. Maharaj ji served his Guru for 10 years and forced even the biggest of sinners to follow the path of truth.


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Take advantage of Maharaj Premanand ji’s satsang for peace of mind and happiness and prosperity. We try that the grace of these great saints should always shower on every citizen.

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