So due to this reason old people feel less hungry… you will be surprised to know the reason

Elder’s Loss Of Appetite: Many changes occur in the body with aging. Often you must have noticed that if there is an old person in your house, then they feel less hungry than normal people. This is the reason why old people are surrounded by diseases and infections for a long time. Their immunity decreases. Have you ever tried to know why the elderly feel less hungry.. know in detail. As the organs of the body stop working, there is a change in the sense of smell and taste in old people. Because of this also they may feel less hungry. Loss of appetite can also be a problem in old age due to the weakness of the digestive system. Let’s consume. There may be loss of appetite as a side effect of medicines.

Causes of pain- Teeth becomes weak in old age. Food is not chewed with the teeth, this also causes the problem of loss of appetite. If there has been any treatment recently and the person is coming out of pain, there may be a problem of loss of appetite.

Loneliness- Feeling lonely with increasing age. Due to this, the appetite stops or there is very little appetite. If there is an elderly person in your house, do not leave them alone at all.

Lack of energy- With increasing age, it also happens that our body does not get sufficient amount of energy. Can’t get it because of which also doesn’t feel hungry. Because energy is also needed to digest food. If there is not enough energy inside a person to digest food, then he will not feel hungry.

Lack of physical activity-It often happens in old age that most People keep lying on the bed or keep resting in a corner of the house. This is also the biggest reason for lack of appetite, even if you do not do physical activity, you will not feel hungry. If there is an elderly person and he also does not feel hungry, then try to make him sit with you and feed him. Do not leave alone to eat food. Apart from this, to overcome the lack of appetite, you can include celery in the diet. Ajwain helps in improving digestion. Consuming one teaspoon of ajwain with a glass of lukewarm water helps in increasing appetite. Apart from this, you should include fresh fruits and juices in the diet of the elderly. It will also be easy for them to consume it and there will be no shortage of nutrients in their body, however, if someone has stopped eating and drinking completely, then it is necessary to contact a doctor.

Strong>Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do consult a doctor or related expert.

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