Surya Dev: Must worship Sun God on Sunday, keep these things in mind

Surya Dev: Sunday is considered the best day for Sun worship. Worshiping the Sun God on this day gives special results. No one’s day starts without seeing the Sun God, but if we worship the Sun along with it, then the Sun God also always keeps his blessings on us.

Sunday is dedicated to Sun God. Sun God is also known as Hiranyagarbha. Hiranyagarbha means the one whose womb has golden aura. All the natives must wake up every morning and give water to the sun, if you are not able to do this every day, then definitely do it on Sunday.

You and your family definitely get the benefit of offering water to the Sun God. By doing this, the blessings of Sun God remain on you always. There are many benefits of saluting the rising sun. By doing this you move forward on the path of progress.

Offer water to the Sun God early in the morning after taking bath, it transmits positive energy in your body.

Do these things while offering water to the Sun p>

  • Use copper plate and copper vessel for Surya Puja.
  • Offer red sandalwood and red flowers in water
  • Surya with water Light a lamp along with it.
  • Put a pinch of red sandalwood in the pot with water.
  • Chant Om Suryaya Namah mantra while offering water to the Sun.
  • While offering Arghya, keep your eyes towards the stream of water in the pot.
  • The reflection of the sun will appear in the stream of water in the form of a point.
  • Surya Dev’s Perform aarti.
  • Do seven circumambulations and bow with folded hands.

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