The torture of summer has begun! If you want to avoid then these small tips will be very useful for you.

When does the IMD issue a hit wave warning?

The weather office has issued a heatwave warning for Delhi-NCR and adjoining areas on Monday, May 22, after the mercury crossed 45 degrees Celsius in several parts of the national capital. According to, ‘When the actual maximum temperature reaches 45 °C or more for two consecutive days, on the second day, a hit wave is declared at the station.

Heat wave feared in North India

IMD has also predicted heat wave conditions over South Haryana, Rajasthan, southern parts of Uttar Pradesh and Gangetic West Bengal on May 22. The temperature is expected to rise in many parts of India in the coming few days. Due to the scorching heat and heavy heat wave in many parts of Rajasthan, people’s lifestyle has changed here and there. The temperature remained above 45 degree Celsius in many parts of Rajasthan. 

The weather will be like this in the coming days

According to the report of IMD According to this, the sky is going to be partly cloudy on Monday, along with there will be a slight drizzle. The Meteorological Office has also expressed the possibility of strong wind blowing at a speed of 25-35 kilometers per hour during the day. At the same time, IMD officials have said that from May 24, the hot weather conditions may improve and some relief may also be available. While it is expected to remain cloudy due to light rain for three to four days. 

Take care of yourself in this way in the heat wave

summer If you are thinking of traveling, then your arrangement should be something like this. Carry lemonade or ORS solution while going out. 

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