Tulsi Plant: Never plant Tulsi plant on Ekadashi, eclipse and these days, bad luck will come in place of good luck

Tulsi Plant Planting at Home: It is said that the house where there is a green Tulsi plant, the grace of Mother Lakshmi remains there and happiness and prosperity always resides in such a house. It happens. This plant has great importance in Hindu religion. The importance of Tulsi plant has also been described in many texts and Puranas related to Hinduism.

Tulsi plant is considered to be the form of Mother Lakshmi in Hinduism. That’s why it is believed that where there is a Tulsi plant, Goddess Lakshmi resides there. But do you know that by planting Tulsi plant on the wrong days, it can become a cause of misfortune instead of good fortune for the family. Therefore, know that on which days the Tulsi plant should be avoided at home.

Don’t forget to plant Tulsi plant these days

  • Auspicious for every work and worship in Hinduism There are days and auspicious times. In the same way, the auspicious days for planting Tulsi plant have been told in the scriptures.
  • It has been told in the scriptures that Tulsi plant should never be planted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays. . Even touching Tulsi should be avoided on Sunday.
  • Along with this, Tulsi plant should not be planted on Ekadashi date also. But on the day of Ekadashi, Tulsi group must be offered in the worship of Lord Vishnu. For this, you should pluck Tulsi a day before.
  • Tulsi plant should not be planted by mistake even on the day of solar eclipse or lunar eclipse.

In It is auspicious to apply Tulsi on the days

  • Thursday is considered auspicious for planting a new basil plant. Thursday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Tulsi is very dear to Lord Vishnu. That’s why the blessings of Lord Vishnu are received by applying Tulsi on Thursday.
  • Along with Thursday, you can also plant Tulsi plant on Friday and Saturday. Planting basil plant on Saturday helps to get rid of financial problems. On the other hand, by planting Tulsi plant on Friday, the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi are also received.

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