Want slim figure and tremendous fitness like Katrina Kaif then follow these 5 tips

Katrina Kaif Fitness Tips : Katrina Kaif’s slim and sexy figure attracts everyone. It is every girl’s dream to look fit like her favorite actress. Bollywood’s beautiful actress Katrina Kaif is the beauty queen. She looks beautiful even without makeup. Millions are crazy about his physique and fitness. Millions of girls following her want the same figure and fitness (Katrina Kaif Fitness Mantra) as her. But it is not that easy either. Because Katrina works hard to keep herself fit. Come let’s know what you have to do to get a figure like her..
1. Katrina tries every trick to keep herself healthy and fit, which is not easy. She does workouts and also follows a healthy diet. Cycling and yoga are part of his daily routine.
2. Bollywood beauty queen Katrina Kaif never misses jogging. To increase the stamina of her body, she takes the help of jogging. She follows the workout tips given by her trainer.
3. Katrina is very serious about her fitness. To get fit and slim figure, the actress does many exercises like powerplate, cardio, kettlebells time to time. Functional training is also taken daily along with Pilates.
4. Katrina follows a strict diet to maintain her figure. In this, they do not take any kind of laxity. She drinks 4 glasses of water as soon as she wakes up in the morning and then takes one fruit every two hours along with fresh and boiled vegetables.
5. Katrina Kaif includes pomegranate juice, boiled egg whites, oatmeal. For lunch, the actress eats dal-rice, green salad and fresh vegetables only. He likes to eat boiled vegetables, roti and green salad with soup in dinner.
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