Weekend Marriage: What is weekend marriage, in which marriage takes place but you can remain single…

Weekend Maariage: It is said that marriage is a bond of births. After taking seven rounds, a person becomes each other for seven births. Living together, eating and drinking, roaming around, etc. etc. But there is such a trend of marriage in Japan, which is bound only for the weekend. Here marriage is bound only on Saturday and Sunday, after that the husband and wife are completely separated from each other. This trend is becoming very popular in Japan. By adopting this method, couples are able to enjoy single life.

What is weekend marriage

Weekend marriage is such a marriage which is only for the weekend. is valid. In this, the couple stays with each other on weekends and for the rest of the day they stay apart from each other, as they used to live before marriage. People believe that after getting married they do not get personal space, in such a way the weekend marriage trend was started. Due to this, both the partners remained happy and love also increased in the partner. Weekend marriage is a very good option for those people whose job profiles are different from each other. The working hours are also not similar to each other and the job location is also far away from each other or is in another city. Such couples can spend quality time together in the last days of the week

Advantages of weekend marriage

It often happens that the lifestyle of couples is one- He is very different from the other, in such a situation, when both of them live separately, then they live life on their own terms. Apart from this, the possibility of a quarrel by living separately also reduces to a great extent. Because often when couples live together, both of them see each other’s flaws very closely. In such a situation, quarrels and arguments start happening, but weekend marriage can remove all these problems.

Japanese people believe that with weekend marriage, they can focus more on their career And by spending family time at the end of the week, they reduce their stress throughout the week. Women benefit more from this. Women are able to find time for themselves. She is able to give time to herself by avoiding the tension of the house and husband’s care.

People also believe that when you stay away for a long time and come closer once a week, you have There is a lot to tell each other. Able to share both good and bad things. Can spend quality time. In this way one experiences closeness to each other. Sweetness increases in the relationship. Bonding is strong.

In today’s era people are very free minded. Because of this, the cases of divorce are also increasing a lot. Many times husband and wife do not like each other’s company and each other’s interference. In such a situation, the people of Japan are adopting the fund of weekend marriage to maintain the marriage for a long time.

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