WhatsApp: Women beat men not only in gossiping but also in chatting, mental health is also affected

WhatsApp Chatting For Mental Health: Telephone was the only means of instant conversation in some era. On which women used to talk for hours. Now there are many platforms to talk. Facebook Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp. In which WhatsApp has become the easiest and fastest means of chatting. According to the statistics of a mental health organization, women not only like to talk long and wide on WhatsApp, but they also do not mind typing messages. They can send longer messages than men. This has been revealed by the chatting of women on the number of mental health organization. The name of this organization is Vandrewala Foundation. The figures of three months of the free helpline of this foundation are shocking. Most of the youth are involved in talking about mental health on the helpline of this organization. Older people prefer to communicate over the phone.

Women chat more than men 

If the data of this foundation is to be believed, then about 53 percent women contact the helpline by chatting through WhatsApp. While the number of men in this case has been only 42 percent. There is also a special reason for choosing WhatsApp instead of calling or coming directly to talk. These are the women who might never want to come forward and talk about mental health. Such women, girls and youths also find it easier to discuss their problems, especially related to mental health, on WhatsApp. They consider it more confidential and easier medium. 

Suicidal thoughts dominate

The most surprising thing about the chats coming in the foundation is that most of the people do mention suicide. Out of all the questions that have come on WhatsApp chat, more than one-third people have definitely talked about suicide apart from anxiety, depression and stress. 
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