When it comes to happiness, play colors without worrying because it is Holi, then the stains are good, they will fly away in a jiffy.

Tips To Remove Holi Colours: The fun of hooliganism of Holi (Holi 2023) turns gritty when the walls of the house are heavily colored. These colors are so firm that once they are applied, they do not take the name of getting rid of them. If by mistake the color gets deposited on the white tiles of the house, then the color gets dissolved. But now you do not have to worry so much, because we have brought some special tips for you (Tips To Remove Holi Colours), which will make the stubborn colors on the walls go away in an instant. Let’s know..

How to clean Gulal

On the day of Holi, there is a craze for colours. If by mistake dry gulal falls on the floor ie tiles of your house, then clean it with a broom without delay. The longer this color remains on the ground, the more it will set. So quickly remove it.

Using hot water will work

Don’t worry even if gulal or permanent color gets on the floor because there is a solution for that too. Take hot water in a vessel and apply it on the colored area. Leave the water there for a while and then clean the floor by rubbing it with a clean cotton cloth. Stains and color stains will disappear easily.

Try this method if the tiles are white

Now if the tiles of the house are white and dark color has settled on it then there is no need to worry. Make a paste by mixing four teaspoons of baking soda in water and rub it on the colored area. This will clear all the colors and make the tiles shine again.

The trick to remove wet paint

If gulal falls on the floor of the house and then after coming in contact with water, it gets wet and freezes, then clean it with the help of tissue paper. After this, cut a lemon and rub it on the stained area. Doing this will remove the stain easily.

The walls will shine again

Now if the color gets applied on the walls of the house and becomes completely firm, then instead of getting upset, rub lemon on the colored place. When the color becomes light then add water. This will remove the stain.

Vinegar will remove stubborn paint stains

To remove color stains from the walls of the house, make a paste by mixing vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice and then apply it on the walls where the color is applied. After this clean it with a sponge. The wall will look like before.
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