Like Russia’s attack on Ukraine, China’s attack on Taiwan will be a ‘mistake’ – America

America On China-Taiwan Issue: The dispute between China and Taiwan (China Taiwan Conflict) is deepening day by day and Chinese President Xi Jinping is making the world aware of his intentions. Have got it done. He has said that he can go to any extent on the issue of Taiwan. However, America standing in support of Taiwan also considers this issue as a question of its nose. Once again America has warned China. America’s top military official has said that attacking Taiwan would be a ‘strategic mistake’ for China. 

‘The Chinese will be at higher risk’

‘Russia and Ukraine can learn from war’

‘America’s Military is Number One’

‘…we will not let this happen’

General Milley said that as long as the dominance of the US military remains, it can prevent a ‘superpower war’ between the US and China. Milley also said that China is the biggest geopolitical threat to the US and is not shy about its intention to become the number one global power. They said, "But we will not let this happen. As long as we’re number one, we’re going to stop the wars that people worry about.”

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