Lima Airport: ground-sky difference between the statements of the airport authority and the aviation company in the plane accident

Peru Plane Collides with Fire Truck: A major accident took place on Friday (November 18) at Lima Airport in Peru. A LATAM Airlines plane collided with a truck parked on the runway during landing at the Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima. The plane caught fire due to this incident. Two firefighters were killed in the incident, while some passengers on board were injured. At the time of the incident, there were 102 passengers and 6 crew members in the aircraft. The investigation into this incident has started. 

After the incident, the statements of the airline and airport authority have also come to the fore. Both have presented their respective sides regarding the incident and have pointed fingers at each other. Neither of them is ready to accept their mistake. There is so much difference between the statements of both that it is not understood whose fault is it?

What is the whole matter?

Lima on Friday An aircraft of LATAM Airlines became the victim of an accident at Jorge Chavez International Airport. During the landing of the plane, suddenly a truck came on the runway. A part of the plane collided with the truck. Due to this, the testicles of the truck flew away. The people in the truck died on the spot. The plane also caught fire in the incident. 

The video of this incident also went viral on social media. It is seen in the video that the plane went ahead trampling the truck. However, due to this one of his wing hit the ground, due to which it caught fire. At the time of the accident, there were 102 passengers and 6 crew members in the aircraft. There was a stir inside the plane. 20 passengers have been injured in the incident, out of which the condition of 2 is said to be critical. 


Ocurrió en Lima, aquí el avión después del

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‘Drill was going on on the runway’

Airport authority says that at the time of the accident, to deal with emergency situations on the runway There was a drill going on. Officials said that the truck that was involved in the accident was part of this drill. LATAM, the company of the plane that was the victim of the accident, said that its flight had been approved for take-off. LATAM CEO Manuel Van Oordt informed that the flight was cleared for takeoff. He said that he did not know how the fire truck had reached there. They said that we had not asked for his service. 

Who is guilty of the accident?

The blame game has started in this matter and each other Trying to convict. Lima Airport Partners (LAP) said fire brigade crews had made all necessary arrangements to enter the runway for an emergency drill. He said the control tower gave the time for the drill to begin at 15.10, but a minute later LATAM’s flight arrived. 

However, the board of directors of the Peruvian Corporation of Airports and President of Commercial Aviation (CORPAC) It has been denied. George Salinas told local radio that the routine had no right of way to enter the runway. They said they had authority to conduct the exercise but outside the areas where transit currently operates. 

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