‘Links of anti-social activities are found in madrasas’, Yogi’s minister Sanjay Nishad’s big statement

Sanjay Nishad Statement on Madrasa: Cabinet Minister of Fisheries Department of Yogi Government of Uttar Pradesh and National President of Nishad Party Dr. Sanjay Nishad on the survey of madrasas on Sunday, ABP in Etah. Made a big statement while talking exclusively to Ganga. Yogi government minister Sanjay Nishad said about madrassas that all the anti-national and anti-social activities that take place on this day, their links are found only with madrasas. Nishad Party President said that the government is preparing to make their child IAS and PCS by conducting survey. Politicians give academic education to their children and only religious education to the poor children. 

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