LIVE: Queen Elizabeth’s funeral today, 500 veterans of the world arrived to pay tribute

Queen Elizabeth II Funeral LIVE: Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is to be cremated at Westminster Abbey in London today. To attend the funeral of the Queen, the heads of state, President, Prime Minister and all the big leaders have reached London to pay tribute to her. These include Draupadi Murmu, the President of India. 

At 3.14 pm Indian time, the Queen’s coffin will be taken out of Westminster Hall and taken to Westminster Abbey in a gun carriage. Performing all the rituals throughout the day, at 12 o’clock the royal family will say goodbye to the queen forever and the queen will be buried in the tomb right next to her husband Prince Philip. Let me tell, at the funeral of the queen. About 500 world leaders are attending, including members of the Royal Family from around the world. 

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