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Lock Upp: Karanvir Bohra reacts to Anjali Arora’s allegation where she said that Payal Rohatgi was ready to have an affair with Karanvir

With Lock Upp heading towards its finale, the inmates are playing with all their might. This also leads to fights, arguments, and allegations. One such allegation was made by Anjali Arora on Payal Rohatgi during their fight in the latest episode.

Things got out of hand when Anjali Arora accused Payal Rohatgi of trying to have an affair with already married Karanvir Bohra to survive in the game. What further irked Payal was that even Prince Narula and Shivam Sharma were supporting Anjali in her allegations.

Now in a recent interview with ETimes Tv, Karanvir Bohra talked about the controversy and shared that he is shocked at Anjali’s statement. Karanvir also slammed Anjali and Prince for character assassinating Payal Rohatgi.

He said, “I and Payal would never do that. I am amazed that Shivam is laughing like that on such a big thing. I just saw the part and I am really appalled at how low this girl Anjali Arora can go. I saw that Super Khabri’s statement also, Anjali completely manipulated the statement. The super khabri said Payal had said masti mein sabke saamne that if I would not be dating Sangram, I would have an affair with you. I was also laughing at that. It was a joke and I was laughing over it. Even the super khabri said Woh toh Mazak mein bola tha usne… she twisted the entire thing and made an accusation on Pagal. She is actually putting it on Payal and then the character assassinating her.”

Karanvir added, “Anybody would be irritated with such an accusation. In fact, Anjali confessing her love and saying I love you to Munawar was real. We later got to know she already has a boyfriend. This is so sick. The incident she’s referring to happened in front of everyone when we were sitting outside in the yard area and laughing. It was a joke but you can’t turn a joke into an accusation on someone’s character.”

Disappointed with the way Anjali has been making remarks, he said, “I am appalled at this girl Anjali Arora and I don’t have words to say. Insaan kuch bhi kar lega thoda aage badhne ke liye, news mein aane ke liye, to grab eyeballs or be in the limelight and this is unbelievable. And the way these three were attacking her Prince, Anjali and Shivam. I am really surprised with Prince. I think this will be the one show which he is not going to win obviously because he has not come here as a contestant. But he is playing like a contestant. This is one show which will go on record that he has lost the show. Forget about winning or losing the show, he has lost so much of respect. He is supporting Anjali in the fight. Anjali even commented about Payal hinting that she can’t have a baby when the latter said “saale mere charitra ke baare mein baat kar rahe ho Maroge Tum log.”

Karanvir also slammed Anjali for stooping so low in the game, “These people are disgusting and they really have no class, it’s so sad. I am very proud of Payal for the way she is standing tall against the whole gang. They all are attacking her and she is just a firecracker. They are looking like bullies but they are failing miserably because she is not getting bullied,” he said.

Karanvir also talked about Prince Narula for goofing up every time and not taking the right stand. He said, “I don’t like when Prince who has gone with powers literally spoon-feeds Munawar. Be fair to everybody, you can’t be partial to anybody. During the Azma’s fight also, he did not take a stand. I was very disappointed with Prince for not taking a stand for Azma. I felt he was a reality star and he knows what is right, but he still stood by that man Zeeshan Khan. Later, he had to apologize and he was sorry. And again today he’s doing the same thing by supporting Anjali. Just because you get triggered, you can say anything. It’s time for Prince to go out of the show. He’s really doing damage to his own image. Let him support anybody, Payal is enough for all five of them. I am so proud of her, let him be partial, one-sided, I know Payal will handle all of them.”

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