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Thanku so much guys for your love and ye update akansha ki request se hai hope you all like it. Well guys this update start when ishani force fully do ridhima’ s abortion but here ridhima has trying to save her baby but this made up her miscarriage and here ridhima knows that she kill her parents. Sorry for my mistakes . Let’s start

In vr mansion ridhima is alone and she is scared because uske pass bar bar hospital se call aa rhi thi abortion ke liye so she call vansh but he ignore it and usne ridhima ka call receiv nhi kiya because he is in his business meeting but she tried to once again and vansh picked up.

Vansh control his anger : what happened ridhima

Ridhima in call : vansh baby she tried to say something but cut by vansh because he is very angry on her

Vansh : not again ridhima tum samjh nhi ata dammit I don’t want this baby you know what bachpan se sabki jameendari hai muj per or ab ye bachha i can’t dammit I can’t nhi chiye mujhe ye bacha suna tumne and don’t call me dammit sirf tumhari vajah se i loss my deal dammit what wrong with you now please don’t call me and cut the call ridhima was hurt by his words his words echo in her minds .

Ridhima crash her stomach : baby mumma loves you alot m aapko kuch nhi hone dungi ok baby you know na baby that your mumma love you more then her life bacha please don’t take any stress ok baby and papa also loves you baby he is angry  with us and stress that’s why he said those words ok baby don’t hate him baby he is loves us lot and remember that it’s lunch time then go towards kitchen but suddenly someone held her hand and start drag her then ridhima she some goons are drag her then she start struggle in their grip and take a vase from side table hit him and push him on his friends and start running out side the house but they were running behind her and ridhima hide herself bhind a tree.

Goon 1 to his friends : search her nhi to mam hume jaan se maar dengi and goon 2 and goon 3 start searching ridhima then someone call him

Goon 1: mam actually vo bhag gyi

Mam : kill her

Goon 1 : mam agr vansh sir ko pata chla na then he will kill us

Mam : kisko pata nhi chlega kill her then go out of city and hide them or haan agr tumne ridhima ko nhi mara na then I will kill you yaad hana ishani rai singhania hu m koi puche ga bhi nhi to soch lo and goon 1 accept the order and ridhima also hear this and record it in her phone and run from there and hide herself in crowd but goons find herself and they hit her by car and go from there they think that ridhima is dead but is not dead and people see this and take ridhima in hospital and call from her  phone to vansh but he didn’t pick up because  he is bussy in his meeting and then call angre because his no. is  next save after vansh then call him

People 1: hello

Angre : kon ho tum ye meri bhabhi ka no. hai

People 1: actually sir jinka ye no hai na unka accident ho gya hai to aap city hospital aa jaye and phone slipped from angre’s hands and he run to his boss cabin

Vansh : what the he helled at angre but stop in middle see his condition and aks what happened and angre tell him they both run to hospital and drive the in very fast speed after reaching hospital they directly went to ridhima and his sweetheart in operation theater his hurts broken in pieces.

Vansh : ye sab kasie hua angre

Angre : I don’t know boss but m pata laga luga

Vansh : in two hours mujhe sari information chiye jo bhi ridhima ke sath hua and angre nods and go from there

Doctor comes out from operation theater and vansh goes to him

Vansh : doctor hows my wife kaise hai wo or mera bacha bo thik hai na dono thik hai na doctor say something

Doctor: Mr rai singhania sorry but hum apke bache ko nhi bacha paye and land sleeps from his legs and mrs rai singhania is weak unhe koi stress mat lene dijiega and go from there .

Vansh pov

Yes he never want to child but he never wanted to this after learning that how he so much love her/ him yes he ready to accept the child because he see a mother how she save her child from cops then understand the loves that he loves alot his sweetheart then how he never accept their sing of love their own baby and run to mansion but then that meeting comes and vansh can’t go his sweetheart and remember how he shout at phone and say hurtful words to her he is regret but he can’t do anything now because of this meeting and thinks that he say sorry to her and leave with her their parental stage but now he can’t do any anything then he release that what can he say to his sweetheart his ridhima he is broken but he have stay strong for his jaan.

After some ridhima wake up and see that she is in their room and vansh sleeping in sitting beside her

Ridhima : vansh slowly and weakly but vansh hear it and wake up jerk

Vansh : jaan sweetheart kaise ho tum

Ridhima : my baby

Vansh eyes moist : no response ridhima see it and start crying no ye juth hai hana vansh bole ye juth hai bolo na vansh kuch nhi hua na mere baby ko

Vansh hugs her tight and say sweetheart I’m sorry but humra baby hume chod ke chla gya ye sach hai that’s it ridhima push him hard

Ridhima : stay way Mr vansh rai singhania sirf tumhri vajah se aaj mera baby mere sath nhi you know what tumri family ne  mujhe mera bacha chal n liya ku kiya aisa haan ku vansh ku ku nhi udya mera phone haan tell me ku pata hai ku m tumhri family hu hi nhi

Vansh :please sweetheart don’t say like you are my everything please and sweetheart why are blaming our family they didn’t do anything you tumhra accident hua tha that’s it ridhima slap him hard .

Ridhima: you know what vansh tumhri problem yehi hai ki tum kabhi muj per visvas nhi krte pata bhi kya hua tha then she tell him everything and broke down. Kya kro ab tum haan  kya kroge vansh chin liya unhone mera bacha koi nhi mera chin liya muj se sab kuch phle mera maa baba Or phir mujhe kitni baar marne ki koshish ki or aaj unhone sati hadhe paar kr di or kya kha tha tumne nhi ye bacha now you are happy na vansh chla gya mujhe chod kr mera baby and vansh feel ashamed on himself that his sweetheart face that much and use koi khbar hi nhi hai vansh said jaan please listen to me but ridhima cut him  Chle jaio hanse nhi dekhni mujhe aise inshaan ka face jiski vajah se mera baby mujhe chod kr chla gya ho you and your family killed my baby vansh rai singhania kya manga tha tumse bus pyar chiye that tumhra phir ku vansh ku mere sath aisa ku and broke down in front of him and faint and vansh pick her up in his arms and leid down her in bed.vansh also broke down to see his sweetheart condition and burning in range and swearing his sweetheart that he will take revenge on her culprits and now they will see the worth of vansh rai singhania.

That’s all for today guys hope you all like it. I don’t know ye os kaise hai  so tell me you like it or not.

Precape: vansh punished all of them and what you think ridhima forgive vansh Or not tell me in the comments.

Well tumhe ye os chapter kaisa lega tell me in the comments.

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