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Love over lies Part 3

 The credit for the Tejasswi’s collages goes to Shazi.

Rishab met someone.

Rishab:I proposed to Pratha and she accepted my marriage proposal.First she rejected me.But I did a risky drama to make her accept me.I tried to jump off the cliff in my own way.

That person was shocked.

“What?Are you mad?What if you had really fallen down?”

Rishab:That would not have happened.Because I knew that a Naagin has the strength to save me alone and being a Naagin saving me was easy for Pratha.Anyways I have trapped Pratha in my fake love.

The other person:Good.But make sure that Pratha never comes to know that you are a serpent hunter.

Rishab:Never!She will never know that.

That person smirked.She was none other than Seema.

There were Dadi and his father Lalit also in the room.



Flash back….

Rishab saw Dadi weeping.

Rishab:What happened Dadi?

Dadi:Our astrologer said that our family ..our family heritage..everything will perish because of an evil naagin.

Rishab:Evil naagin?

Dadi:Yes.Years back an evil Naagin tried to harm our family.With a snake charmer’s help we caught that serpent and killed her.But her clan cursed our family.But we did not care.But now our family is facing the consequences.Your father is a heart patient and I am not able to walk properly.

Rishab:For that,the best doctors are treating you and dad.

Dadi:But still there is no improvement.Don’t you know that?

Rishab became dull.

Seema:Dadi is right.Doctors can’t do anything.Now dadi and dad are suffering.Very soon I will also be sick.After that even in young age you will also fall sick.


Seema:I am saying the fact beta.

Rishab:But what can we do mom?

Seema:There is a solution given by the astrologer.

Rishab:What is that?

Seema:The grand daughter of the evil naagin has to be given to the Guru Mata of Megha Mountain.Guru Mata will punish that naagin by making her her slave or by killing her.Thus her evil naagin clan will perish and the curse fallen on us will vanish.

Rishab became upset.

Rishab:But because of the evil naagin,why should her innocent grand daughter suffer?

Dadi:Rishab,you care about that naagin or your own family?

Rishab:Of course,my own family.

Dadi:Then don’t pity that naagin.

Rishab:But how will we find that naagin?

Seema:We have already found out that naagin.That naagin has a special rare zodiac sign.We tried to find her through her zodiac sign and we realized that she is none other than our home nurse Pratha.

Rishab was shocked:Pratha?Just because of the zodiac sign you confirmed that Pratha is a naagin?I think it’s a misunderstanding.

Seema:We started observing Pratha and once purposefully we brought a snake charmer here by lying to her that a snake has entered our compound.Hearing his music,Pratha was becoming restless and tried to hide her face from us.My eyes were on her and I saw her changing into a Naagin.She ran to a room before she became a complete Naagin.She thinks that nobody saw her real form.

Rishab was shocked.

Rishab:But mom,how can we take Pratha to Guru mata?She won’t come with me.

Dadi:She will come with you if she trusts you.

Lalit:For that, you woo her and trap her.

Rishab was shocked:Pratha is not that type of a girl.

Seema:We know that.You marry her.She won’t deny to come with you anywhere if you marry her.

Rishab was shocked.

Rishab:To save our family,I have to marry her also?Oh no…

Dadi:Yes,you have to do that for our family Rishab.So make her feel that you love her.She will love you and she won’t refuse to marry you.

Lalit:You need to be a Naagin hunter to trap Pratha.Instead of Guru Mata,even if you kill her as a Naagin hunter,our family will be saved.

Rishab was shocked.

Rishab:You are asking me to be Naagin hunter dad?How can you even think that I can kill someone?

Lalit became dull.

Lalit:It’s for the family Rishab.For the family, you may have to do the things which are against your conscience.

Rishab:But I can’t do that.I can’t be cruel enough to kill someone.But I can trap her and hand her over to Guru Mata for my family.It’s a sin.But I will do that sin to protect our family.

They smiled.

After that Rishab started doing research on shape shifting serpents.




Pratha saw many books in Rishab’s shelf.

Pratha:You have many books Rishabji.Nice book collection.

Rishab:Yes.I love books.You like books?

Pratha:Yes.I also like books.

Rishab:Then we will read books together.

He took some books and kept them on the table.They both sat down there.He wrapped his arms around her shoulder and they both enjoyed reading.




Pratha told Thapki about accepting Rishab’s proposal.

Thapki hugged her: I am so ha…ha…happy for you di.

Thapki:You say my ji..ji..jiju’s name.

Pratha replied with a blush on her face:Rishab Gujral.

Thapki was shocked:Wha…what?You ha…ha..have his picture?

Pratha:Yes.Today we took some cute photographs together.

Pratha showed her the photographs with Rishab.

Thapki was shattered.

Thapki:He..he is my Boss.

Pratha was surprised.

Pratha:Really?I can’t believe it.By the way what about your love?The person you love…

Thapki lied painfully:I…di…did not mee… him af…af…ter that.

Pratha felt sad for her.

Pratha:Don’t worry Thapki.You will meet him again or you will meet your true love.

Thapki smiled emotionally.Then she went to her room and cried.

Thapki did thandav suppressing her emotions while Pratha did thandav at the Shiv temple to express her gratitude.The other shape shifting serpents also joined them in their thandav dance.



Seema and Dadi hugged Pratha.

Dadi:I am so happy that my Rishab chose you.

Pratha was very happy.

Seema:We always wanted you to be our daughter in law.

Pratha smiled.

Dadi made her wear a grand chain.

Dadi:This is our family chain and this is yours now.

Pratha smiled.


Thapki was gloomy in her office.

Rishab went near her.

Rishab:Why are you gloomy Thapki?

Thapki smiled in a fake manner:Not at all.By the way your beloved Pra…Pra…Pratha is my sister.

Rishab gave a shocking expression:What?

Thapki:She told me tha…tha..that you both are get..get…getting married.

Rishab kept silent.He was lost in some thoughts.

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