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Part 59

Twinkle was not sure what broke her sleep but as soon as her mind came into consciousness she felt cold, the sheets felt cold around herself as if the source of warmth was gone, extending her arms she felt the space and that’s when it occurred to her. Kunj was not there

She waited for some time thinking he might have visited the washroom but when it felt like more time than a restroom trip she pushed herself to sit and switched on the lamp.

Kavya was sleeping soundly and her lips were parted, as usual, it was a relief to see her calm and healthy, covering her properly with the quilt she walked to check upon her husband.

Twinkle called him but the washroom was empty when she turned on the knob, it felt strange but he might have gone downstairs for something, with the thought she sat on the bed and checked the phone, 4:17 AM.

she was already waiting for him for some 20 or so minutes, now was the time to see what took him so long, Kavya also needed to be fed something since she had not taken something solid for so many hours.

With such thoughts, Twinkle took her long sweater and tying the knots walked downstairs.

“Kunj… Kunj… are you downstairs?” in a soft voice she called him, suddenly it occurred to her that he might have been sleeping downstairs just the way Yash used to do sometimes. He would leave the room when he had some work to complete and often she found him snoring on the lounge settee uncomfortably.

But Kunj was on leave, right? or was there some emergency, what time would it be back home, she paused on the stairs and mentally calculated.

“It would be around 9 or 9:30 in India, he might have gotten some work-related call,” she told to herself and resumed walking

It was so silent downstairs, no lights other than the dim glow of the porch light, it seemed strange to her and she called him again but still no sound.

She walked faster to the kitchen, then the spare room and when she found it all empty, the terror started gripping her.

She ran upstairs to get her phone and call him, only to realize she didn’t have an active SIM service and nor was the WIFI working since only his phone was active there.

With shaking hands, she searched for his phone and realized it was not there and so were the clothes he was wearing last night. She ran downstairs again and found the doors locked, He had gone somewhere and perhaps thought not to disturb her.

“but didn’t they say it was risky to go out in the weather, there was a storm last night, right?” she asked herself and walked to the window facing Noah’s house.

“it won’t be nice to knock on their doors at this hour of time… but where was her husband?” she felt a pain shooting her lower abdomen.

“please Not at this moment.” she prayed, clutching her belly but it was the time of the month and she needed to take care of it.


The night was not eventful compared to others if she ignored the minor incident, with the thought she yawned and cracked her bones.

After so long she had had such a sound sleep but she didn’t mind the interrupted sleep in the last couple of months besides she felt good seeing the improvements in her husband.

“it looks like we won’t get Sun today, what do you say Dhruv” Neha said removing the drapes from the windows. The hot tea was tempting but she loved having their morning tea with sunlight in the room.

No reply came and it seemed odd, it was already 7 AM, Dhruv didn’t call her all night and he was still sleeping. Collecting her hair in a bun she touched Dhruv and he didn’t move at all.

“Dhruv… Dhruv…get up, it’s already morning, your therapist would arrive soon,” she called him but nothing came from him and it terrified her.

She checked for his pulses and in no time she was sweating with the anticipation of the unknown.

The next few minutes passed in her running to call the ambulance, her parents and then running to the emergency unit of the hospital.


Surrounded by her family she waited for some positivity, the fate could not be this cruel to her but she had no idea how many tests were there for some people.

Somewhere in the wee hours of the night, Dhruv’s oxygen levels had gone dangerously down and his already healing body had taken a toll sending him into a coma, again.

They had no idea a single mistake was going to cost this dearly, it had been three hours since doctors declared an emergency.

She didn’t want to believe life would be this cruel to her, her hopes were shattering, and all she could feel was a numbness she had felt a few times already and a deep sense of regret about everything that was happening… they were good, he was healing well, last night they had talked about shifting to his parents since his folks insisted they should spend some time with them.

How could it not occur to her he was still not well, how could she sleep last night knowing very well she was needed. Left were the questions and some deadly What ifs but she had promised herself she won’t lose faith in him.

Now was the time she needed that faith to be intact.


Only her heart knew how she had endured these tough hours waiting for him, with the other key in her fists she sat close to the bedroom window to keep an eye on the horizon for the sun to rise but the snow has confirmed it would not be easy to visit the house opposite the lane.

She had to wait for the snow plowers to clear the roads, she was afraid of the windy weather. It was getting worse with every passing minute.

Her heart sank at times seeing the ominous weather but what could she do having no phone service and transport other than praying for his safety.

Seeing the street lights turn off made her realize it was already 6:30 or so, the cramps were doing no good to her but she had to wait for some time for the tablet she has taken to work.

Changing her position she swiped the lock of her phone screen again, in the hopes of something positive. While she was changing into her sanitary stuff, she was reminded about the morning after their reception and then came the memory of his white shirt covered in red.

It was hard not to hyperventilate but she knew she had to keep herself strong in this situation and have faith in him and God.

By 8 the snow plowers were there and she covered Kavya in her thermals jacket and shoes to visit Noah’s house, for a moment she thought to ask for the phone from the plowers but then it felt natural to take help from Noah than these strangers.

She had locked the door when the first strong cramp hit her and then a minor … she clutched her belly and nearly sat on her haunches on the porch for the pain to subside.

Kavya looked strangely at her as if trying to understand her pain, and Twinkle knew she had to do something for her daughter to not get scared.

Trying to smile she called the baby to her side and hugged her with one hand, the jeans were doing no good to her at this time and she desperately needed some comfortable clothes but she had to endure it for the time being.

When it was clear in the next few seconds that she would faint with the pain if she kept sitting like that in the cold she stood up and walked inside and closing the door crashed on the lounge chairs.

Waiting for the pain to subside she kept an eye on her daughter who followed her inside and then kept walking here and there, Twinkle wanted to talk to her or at least make her sit beside her but the pain didn’t allow her to think anything.

Praying for his safety she didn’t know when the pain caused her a blackout and it was only the moment she heard the knob being turned on that her mind came to attention.

she felt life being injected into her when she opened her eyes and saw his face along with a gush of cold air rushing to her from the opened gates.

“Kunj…where were you?” she ran to him. “I was so scared, do you know what kind of thoughts ran through my mind, even phones were useless….” the elevated LH and FSH levels would be the reasons in later hours for her actions but she hugged him tightly.

“i am so sorry, it was an emergency this morning,” though a bit shocked he had anticipated her condition seeing the hours he was out so he let her hug him.

“Summer’s water broke and Noah called to accompany them to the hospital,” he explained when she broke the hug.

“How is she…” in a single moment her focus went to Summer.

“Doctors say it will take some hours, so the moment they plowed the roads I ran home.” keeping the gloves on the table he started unbuttoning the jacket.

“Paah…” Kavya nudged his thigh and they looked down at the other member desperately needing their attention.

“and I had texted you so you won’t get terrified…” Kunj kissed Kavya’s cheeks and stared at Twinkle’s confused face.

“Oops! I forgot there won’t be a wifi connection to your phone in my absence…sorry.”  Kunj scratched the back of his ear.

“Okay, I had a feeling there might be some emergency, but next time just tell me before you go anywhere even if I am tired or sleeping really well…Please.” trying to keep her face normal Twinkle told him.

“done .” waving a thumbs up in the air he smiled making the dimples alive.

“by the way can I get some coffee, it is so cold out there?” he blew air from his mouth emphasizing the words.

“by the way Neha was calling when we were moving Summer to the hospital, I was driving so could not take the call…” he told her. “4 missed calls… it seems she needed something urgently but she didn’t respond to my calls later.”

“Neha…”Twinkle looked back wondering the reason for her calls all of a sudden.


Hello everyone, my apologies again for the delay but here is the next chapter.

I hope you are doing well, a little request to all of you-

Please spread positivity and kindness around you, be it a person, an animal or a plant just be kind to every life around you.

& Stay safe guys.

Love Morusya.



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