Lumpy virus is spreading in Indore, after the death of a cow, there is an atmosphere of fear among the villagers

MP News: After Gujarat, Rajasthan, now Lumpy virus has created havoc in Madhya Pradesh too. In Indore, the financial capital of Madhya Pradesh, the lumpi virus has killed a cow. After which the corporation administration, which came into action, has given vaccine to 850 cows living in the corporation Gaushala. In view of the Lumpy virus spreading in cattle across the country, 850 vaccinated cows have been vaccinated against Lumpy Screen Disease at Silk Kendra Gaushala of Indore Municipal Corporation. At the same time, continuous monitoring of cows of Gaushala is also being done so that other cows can be kept safe in case of any kind of symptoms.

Dangerous Lumpy Virus
Actually, the safety of cows is being given priority by the corporation these days because the death of more cows can raise questions on the functioning of the corporation. Municipal Health Officer Dr. Akhilesh Upadhyay told that Lumpy virus is a dangerous epidemic. Which has killed cattle especially milch animals in different states of the country.

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These days a cow has died in Indore due to the lumpy disease spreading among the cows and due to this, 850 cows living in the gaushala of the Municipal Corporation have been given antivirus dose. The corporation is aware that lumpi virus is a deadly virus and due to this thousands of infected cows have died. Lumpy virus is also transmitted to other health animals by coming in contact with an infected animal. Therefore, the lumpy virus has been declared a notified disease by the World Organization for Animal Health. 

These are the symptoms of Lumpy
Blisters and high fever persist in animals especially in cows during this disease. At the same time, the quantity of milk is greatly reduced. Swelling and lameness occurs in the feet of animals. At the same time, the ability to work in the male animal decreases. Let us tell that this disease has spread on a large scale in cows in Depalpur and Betma area adjacent to Indore, so the administration is ready for wide-scale vaccination.

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