Lung Cancer Day 2022: Lung cancer is dangerous, know its symptoms and who is more at risk

Early signs of lung cancer: Every year 1st August is celebrated as World Lung Cancer Day. On this day people are made aware about lung cancer. Lung cancer is considered one of the most dangerous diseases. Although there are many types of cancer, but for some time the cases of lung cancer are increasing more rapidly.

There are two types of Lung Cancer 
1- Small Cell Lung Cancer- This cancer is most commonly found in people who smoke more. It is one of the fastest spreading cancer. Many times, by the time it is known about it, this cancer has spread. 
2- Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer- This is a normal cancer that occurs in the lungs. This cancer is found in percent of people. It is caused by adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and large cell carcinoma. 

Symptoms of Lung Cancer

  • severe cough 
  • chest pain
  • difficulty in breathing 
  • blood in cough
  • feeling tired
  • Loss Weight

causes of lung cancer and who is more at risk
People who smoke or eat more tobacco are at higher risk of getting lung cancer. Exposure to smoke for a long time can also cause cancer. Sometimes the cells coming out of the lungs increase which cause lung cancer.

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