Madhya Pradesh: When the police could not decide, Hanuman ji got buffaloes

Madhya Pradesh News: MP is amazing! This slogan is often heard in the state. The cases that happen here are also strange. Now the latest case is of Damoh district. Here the police have traced the owner of the buffalo with the help of Hanuman ji."text-align: justify;">Actually, the whole matter is in such a way that two people Inder Patel and Virendra Patel’s buffaloes had gone missing a year ago from the village of Imlia Chowki under Tezgarh police station in Damoh district. A year ago, a complaint of theft of buffaloes was lodged with the police and the search was on for the buffaloes. 

Meanwhile, Virendra Patel came to know about buffaloes, so he recovered them from Sagouni village from a person named Virendra Sen and brought them to his village after filling them in a car. But here there was a dispute between Inder and Virendra Patel as to whose buffalo? Then what was the situation of debate between both the parties and the matter reached Imlia police post.

‘The matter could not be resolved in front of the police’
On Sunday night both sides gathered in the police post, the sarpanch and responsible people of the area were summoned but the issue was not resolved even in front of the police. found to be. Imlia outpost in-charge Anand Ahiwal tried a lot but both the sides were not ready to accept, then finally the police had to take the help of Hanuman ji.

Police swore in the temple
The new venue of the panchayat attached to the police post became the village temple and finally it was decided in front of Hanuman ji that the real owner of the buffaloes is Inder Patel. After being fixed in the court of God, Virendra Patel searched and handed over the buffalo brought from another village to Inder. This is a strange case of its kind, when the police took the help of God instead of taking the decision from the court. 

Inder got the buffalo in the night itself, whereas after searching himself, Virendra Patel, who brought it from another village after hard work, has no qualms about giving it. According to Imlia police outpost in-charge Anand Ahiwal, a lot was explained to both the parties, but no one was missing out on asserting their rights to these buffaloes, and finally the panchayat in the outpost had to be shifted to the temple and after swearing in a few minutes Matter resolved.

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