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The Episode starts with Gautam saying we will make a nursery here for the baby. He asks Dhara to make Rishita’s fav food and then they will go for a family picnic, she will get convinced by the surprise. Dhara smiles. Dev stays worried. Gautam goes to Dev and says our family passed through a tough time, and this time shall also pass. He lies beside Dev. Shiva comes and thinks I m feeling Dev is away from me for the first time. He also lies beside Dev. Abhi mujhmein kahin….plays…. Gautam sees Shiva. He cries. Dev opens eyes and cries seeing them. Dhara looks on from far. She prays for the family to stay united. Rishita gets Gautam’s call. She doesn’t answer. He says maybe she is busy, I will ask Dev to get her. he goes to Dev and says we made a family picnic plan, get Rishita there, she will be glad, keep the money, buy anything she wants. Suman says I won’t come out in this heat. Gautam says Dev will get Rishita. Dhara asks Dev to come and have breakfast. Raavi asks shall I come along to convince Rishita. Dev says some other day, I m going to Rishita now.

Gautam asks what happened. Dev says baby is my responsibility also, Rishita needs me now, I m going to her. Dhara says listen to me. Dev says whom will you choose, Gautam or us, you will choose us because you are our responsibility, what’s wrong if I m choosing my baby. Suman asks him to get out. Dev says I m going for few days. She scolds him.

She says Rishita always wanted to stay separated, you go. Dhara says its matter of few days, Dev will explain Rishita and get her back, right Dev. Dev stays silent. Suman says look at him, he isn’t nodding his head, its your upbringing, not mine, he can’t see anyone except his wife. Dev says I have no courage to explain you now. Suman says you are educated, you know right or wrong, I left my two bahus at your responsibility, why did you leave them alone and go to Kirti, its good Dhara stayed back, you should thank Dhara that she kept Rishita safe in the room, if Dhara wasn’t here, then Rishita would be alone, Rishita wanted an excuse to go from here, I also have no courage to explain you, go. She doesn’t bless Dev and cries. Naina….plays…

Dev hugs Dhara. She cries and asks him to get Rishita back. Dev hugs Gautam. He leaves. Suman asks them not to go out. Suman goes and shuts the door. Dev cries and leaves. Suman says Dev will never come back now. Gautam says Dev will come and get Rishita back. Dhara says Dev and Rishita will return soon. Suman says I wish my experience fails in front of your faith.

Rishita sees Dev and smiles. She says I was missing you, why are you sad. He says our family is upset, how can I stay happy. Rishita says I understand, but I don’t want to go home with such mindset, how are they. He says they are missing you a lot. Kalyani and Kamini look on and smile. Rishita says I have more right on you now. Dev says yes, I wish delivery happens soon and then we will return home. Rishita says I don’t know if I want to go home after delivery or not, don’t start it now, come. Shiva comes home and calls out everyone. He asks for food.

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