Mahesh Bhatt was in an affair with Parveen Babi, but after knowing this, it was a shock!

Mahesh Bhatt Birthday: Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt’s birthday is today on 20 September. Mahesh Bhatt is also remembered for his impeccable statement and personal life along with the memorable films he made. There are many such stories related to the life of Mahesh Bhatt which are famous even today. Today we are going to tell you one such anecdote related to the life of the filmmaker. According to media reports, Mahesh Bhatt was once so much in love with Parveen Babi, a famous actress of his era, that he left his wife and children and started living in a live-in with Parveen. However, Mahesh Bhatt came to know something about Parveen in the year 1979, after knowing that his senses were blown away. 
Actually  Parveen Babi was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Had a mental illness. Due to this disease, the actress always felt that someone wanted to kill her. According to the news, in the year 1979, Mahesh Bhatt came to know about the actress’s illness and its seriousness when he came to his house.

It is said that when Mahesh Bhatt came home, he saw Parveen wearing a film costume with a knife in a corner of the house. When Mahesh asked the reason for doing this, the actress said, ‘Shh slowly speak Mahesh someone is trying to kill me’. It is said that after this incident Mahesh Bhatt did not take long to understand that Parveen Babi is in a big trouble.

Mahesh Bhatt also showed Parveen Babi to many big doctors but the condition of the actress did not improve. It is said that due to this illness of Parveen Babi, her relationship with Mahesh Bhatt was broken. However, Mahesh Bhatt remained her good friend till the last time of the actress.

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