Mahoba District Women’s Hospital Women’s Commission Vice President did surprise inspection, expressed displeasure over negligence

UP News: Mahila District Hospital of Mahoba is often in discussion due to controversies and negligence. In view of this, today the Vice-Chairman of the State Women’s Commission, Anju Chaudhary, made a surprise inspection of the Women’s District Hospital. Where he expressed his displeasure over the lack of beds in the hospital, the spread of filth, negligence of doctors and other complaints. At the same time, CMS and CMO have been blamed for this. Not only this, he said that CMS is only taking benefits of salary and government schemes. But nothing is working. For this, action will be taken by writing to the officers separately.

Negligence is being done in Women’s District Hospital
Women’s District Hospital of Mahoba, where claims of better health services are made regarding the treatment of women, but for the last several days there has been a lot of negligence and corruption. Complaints have become a matter of discussion. Regarding this, the Vice-Chairman of the State Women’s Commission, Anju Chaudhary, suddenly reached the women’s hospital today to inspect it. In fact, complaints of negligence were being received in the women’s hospital. In view of this, he made a surprise inspection. Due to which there was a stir among the doctors and staff posted in the hospital. The Vice-Chairman of the State Women’s Commission was very angry after seeing the mess and poor health services all around in the hospital. 

Women’s Commission angry about cleanliness
Let us tell that the CMO, CMS were given strict instructions for not getting better cleanliness in the hospital. On the other hand, expressing concern over the admission of two patients in one bed in the wards of the hospital, instructions were also given to rectify the disturbances. Negligence in such a way that they are not even getting the treatment that newborn children should get in the hospital. The State Women’s Commission was angry about this. He has shown strictness regarding the conditions of the women’s hospital. Instructions have been given to the higher officials of the Health Department to remove the shortcomings. At the same time, during the inspection, seeing the number of unnecessarily more men than women in the women’s hospital, he gave strict instructions to the women security personnel deployed in this regard.

seeing the number of men said this thing
The Vice-Chairman of the commission said that seeing the number of men as compared to women, it seems that this is not a women’s hospital but a men’s hospital while 6 women in the women’s hospital Security personnel are deployed but they are unable to drive away the men. There is a large crowd of people with the patients admitted in the wards of the hospital. The problems are increasing even more. Due to which the children born here also have a fear of infection. No seriousness is being shown on this side either.

expressed concern about the shortage of doctors
He also expressed concern about the shortage of doctors including staff in the women’s hospital. The strangest thing found in the inspection was that there was no water system in any of the bathrooms while the patients were using it, they reprimanded the CMS fiercely and instructed them to maintain the cleanliness system better. He said that when the CMO was asked in this regard, he gave immediate instructions but the question arises that why was it not taken care of before my arrival. This negligence is clearly visible. The CMS in-charge of the Women’s Hospital is not doing its duty properly, as a result of which there is chaos. They are getting good salary but are not working. This is the fault, the government is giving a good system, but people who do not want to do this work are transferred and other actions are taken.

CMO responsible for the hospital
Anju Choudhary said that the way doctors, staff are working in Women’s District Hospital is wrong, there are constant complaints of corruption and no doctor Didn’t seem to be working honestly. There is a pile of dirt in the women’s hospital, which is enough to show the plight here. The CMS and CMO are directly responsible for the negligence and plight of the hospital. He said that when the top officer of the department is careless, the employees will automatically become careless. For which strict action should be taken, for which separate officers will be written.

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