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Scene 1
Akshay tells Aparajita I heard you kept a fast for me? Maybe you still hope that I will come back to you? Aparajita brings detergent and asks him wash his brain, she says you think I wish for a man like you in my life? I don’t even want you near me let alone living with you. You thought I kept a fast for you? I am not even wearing your mangalsutra, why would I pray for your long life? I kept fasting all these years for Dadi but you came back and showed you don’t deserve anything so I am not fasting anymore, I don’t want you near me. Akshay says I don’t want to see your face too. Aparajita asks him to take his sweets back. Akshay angrily leaves from there.

The opposition party prepares to start an uprest in the city.

Disha comes to Chhavi with food and asks her to taste it. Chhavi says I am mopping right now. Disha asks Aparajita to eat something. Aparajita says I will eat in a bit.

Dadi says I understand why she doesn’t want to fast, I don’t care about Mohini fasting or not. I just wish Aparajita would fast.

Asha gets Niya’s message, she rushes to her phone and bumps into Disha. The food plate falls down. Asha checks Niya’s message that she will meet them in a hotel.

Niya comes to Dadi and says I know you are sad that Aparajita and her daughters are not here. Don’t worry I will work on reuniting them. I have called my sisters in a restuarant and I will take Akshay there too to reunite them. Just don’t tell Mohini about it. Dadi smiles and says you are so nice.

Asha tells Chhavi and Disha that we should go for window shopping. Aparajita says its not a good day so don’t go out. Asha gets worried.

The manager tells MLA that the opposition is scaring people to stay at home. The MLA says I don’t care even if some people get hurt but I want to do this rally at any cost. Just remove all the security from the city so everyone thinks that everything is okay. Veer comes there so he asks him to not go anywhere.

Chhavi calls Veer and says I kept a fast for you but I can’t come to meet you. Veer says just come to meet me for some time, don’t you love me? Chhavi says I do. I will meet you in an hour. Veer gets happy and ends the call. Chhavi comes to Asha and says we should go for a window shopping. Asha says Maa won’t allow us because the city situation is not good. They see the barricades being removed and the officer tells them that everything is okay in the city now.

Asha and Chhavi plead with Aparajita to let them go for some time. Aparajita says okay, I will come with you. They get worried. Chhavi thinks I won’t be able to meet Veer then. Asha says I won’t be able to meet Niya then. Aparajita says lets get ready then. They all start leaving the house. Dadi calls Aparajita and asks if she kept a fast or not? Aparajita says I don’t care about your son. Dadi says you are my daughter but I met you because of my son, just do as your heart says. She cries and ends the call. Aparajita feels bad. Guggo tells Aparajita that we have to finalize one order urgently. Aparajita tells the daughters that we will go tomorrow. Chhavi says we should go today only. Aparajita says then you can leave. Disha asks her to eat something. Aparajita asks them to be careful. The daughters leave for the mall. Aparajita starts feeling bad. The goons enter the city with weapons to start a riot.

Niya calls Akshay from the restaurant and says I am waiting for you. He says I am stuck in the traffic jam, he ends call and sees people starting riot. He comes out of his car and asks what happened? Some people ask him to run away. A man tries to hit Akshay but he beats him.
The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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