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Main Hoon Aparajita 20th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aparajita and Akshay separate to go to the restaurant. Akshay enters the hotel.

Asha is trying to jump from the window. Niya says I will faint soon. Niya is getting dizzy. The goons are waiting outside the kitchen. Asha cries and says I feel suffocated. Disha says we have to break this window at any cost. Asha breaks the glass.

Aparajita enters the hotel from the back door after breaking it.

Akshay enters the hotel and hides from the goons. He beats them

Asha breaks the glass of the kitchen and finds Aparajita outside. She cries and says I knew you would come to save us. Aparajita asks if everyone is safe? Asha says yes, some goons are outside this room, please save us. Aparajita says don’t worry, I will bring you out. I will go and bring a ladder.

Akshay sees some goons talking about leaking gas in the kitchen and the girls being inside.

Aparajita brings the ladder and asks Asha to jump out. A goon is coming there so Aparajita hides. He finds the ladder there and jumps on it. He is about to check inside the kitchen. Aparajita pushes the ladder away and starts beating him. The goon faints.

Dadi prays for kids’ safety. She starts getting dizzy. Mohini rushes to her and gives her medicine. Mohini says I don’t care about you and you don’t care about me but we both care about Akshay so don’t worry, just pray for Akshay and Niya. Dadi says nothing will happen to them. Mohini says I don’t care about Aparajita’s daughters, I just want Niya to be safe. Dadi says nothing will happen to Niya as Aparajita is there, she will save your daughter along with her daughters. I am sure. Mohini asks her to take care and leaves.

Akshay hides from there goons, he finds a hockey stick and hits the goon but others catch him.

Aparajita sees that the ladder is broken. Asha cries and says how will we come out now? Aparajita says don’t worry, I will find a way. She goes to check.

Akshay tells goons that my daughters are stuck here so please just let me take them and leave. The goon says you think we will let you go? Akshay says I am an important man, I know the MLA personally, I can call him right now. The goons glare at him and says we will kill MLA’s men now. They start beating him up. They take him to the store-room.

Chhavi tells Veer that I should go home now. Veer says you should stay here till the situation is okay. Chhavi says Maa must be waiting for me. They hear the goons outside the house. The goons enter Veer’s house after seeing his bike outside. Veer is shocked.

Aparajita looks around the hotel to find a ladder. She sees the goons beating up Akshay and is shocked. Akshay thinks he has to save the kids. The goon says we should kill him and send his body to the MLA. He takes a sword and is about to stab him when he gets a call that Veer is with a girl? Don’t spare them. Aparajita is shocked to hear that. The goon is about to kill Akshay but stops. Another goon says we should send his video to the MLA before killing him. The MLA might back down from the elections after seeing his video. Aparajita hides and hears all that. She thinks I have to do something to save him and the kids.
The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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