Make Tasty Parathas: Must try once the recipe of these parathas, these ingredients will enhance the taste of parathas

Recipes for Making Parathas: If you are fond of eating different types of parathas, then today we have brought different types of paratha recipes for you. They just have to prepare dough by mixing them at the time of kneading the dough. By the way, we have a style of making our own parathas in different parts of the house in India, which people like a lot, so today we have brought this different variety of parathas for you. Which is wonderful in taste as well as you can pack them in lunch boxes and give them to children. Which he would like to eat with great fervor. Let’s know the recipe of these Parathas.

Ajwain Wale Paratha
At the time of kneading the dough, add salt and carom seeds to it. Also a little ghee or oil. Knead all these things with the help of water and prepare crispy parathas. Anyway, celery is very beneficial for our health. It also improves indigestion and stomach problems.

Kalonji parathas 
Kalonji parathas have a different sweetness test. You can also eat this paratha with vegetables or pickles. Kalonji helps in reducing the level of bad cholesterol.

Coriander and Chili Flakes Paratha
If you eat this spiced paratha with hot tea, then you will enjoy it. You can also give it to kids in lunch. To make this, prepare the dough by mixing salt, coriander seeds, chili flakes and chaat masala in the flour and bake the paratha with ghee. 

Cumin Wale Paratha
Add cumin, salt and red chili in the flour and knead the dough with the help of water and bake it with ghee. Serve this paratha with hot tea, it will taste very tasty.

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