Makeup Tips: Do Perfect Makeup With Just 5 Products, Know About Minimalist Fashion Tricks

What Is Minimalist Makeup: Minimalist is a trending word which means to live with the least amount of stuff. This is one of the newest and coolest trend in which instead of collecting the extravagant items, the work is done with minimum items in every need. This trend is especially popular among the youth, but nowadays people of all ages are adopting this habit. In makeup too, instead of a lot of products, minimalists do great makeup with very few items. Learn how to create stunning makeup with just 5 ingredients in a minimalist trick.

1- Foundation- Only a good foundation base can make your makeup perfect, so buy a good brand of foundation matching your skin with less material and apply it simply for makeup. Moisturize your face thoroughly before foundation

2- Kajal- After this you can apply both eyeliner and kajal with kajal itself. Also, if you want to shape the eyebrows or fill a patch, then they can do it. If you like liner, then you can do all this work with eyeliner

3- Compact- After doing eye makeup, apply a good compact all over face and neck, this will complete your base

4- Eyeshadow- Apply the shade of your choice from the eyeshadow palette on the eyes and then from that shade similar to the blusher can be applied as blusher on the cheeks. You can also take shade from eyeshadow for highlights

Lipstick- Apply a trendy colored lipstick and can also use it as a blusher on the cheeks.  Lipstick in all shades of nude shades in fashion these days.  

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