Makeup Tips: Your face will glow without makeup, know the benefits of BB Cream

What is BB Cream: If you have applied BB till now, it will happen many times, but it is hardly known that the full form of BB cream is. Actually BB means Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm. This is a kind of very light foundation cream which also contains a lot of moisturizer. Sometimes applying many layers of makeup seems like a disaster, but if you want the face to look beautiful, then the quick and easy solution for this is BB cream. Know what is BB cream and what are its benefits and what things to keep in mind before buying BB cream.
Benefits of BB Cream- This cream makes facial scars or uneven skin Lightly covers it, which brings glow on the face even without makeup. You can apply this cream simply and there is no need for layering of the rest of the makeup. BB creams also keep the skin hydrated. BB cream is similar to a very light foundation but can be used daily very easily. Due to this, the skin does not look like heavy makeup like foundation and the face looks quite beautiful. You can wash it with normal water or soap. 

How to apply BB cream- You can apply it as a simple moisturizer or as a cream. If your skin is very dry or oily, then you can apply your regular cream first and then apply it. You can apply BB cream with a sponge or with both your fingers

While buying BB cream, take care- You will find all types of BB creams in the market. Almost every major cosmetics brand has launched BB creams. Their price ranges from Rs 100 to Rs 1000. You have to buy BB cream according to your need and skin tone. BB cream is also available for dry skin, oily skin or normal skin. Also some BB creams would have sunscreen added as well. BB creams have different shades according to the skin tone, although some creams do not have the option of shade.

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