Malaria Prevention Tips: Eat kheer fiercely and drive away the risk of malaria, this is the secret to staying healthy in autumn

How to Prevent Malaria: The outbreak of mosquitoes is once again at its peak. The rain is almost gone and the weather is slowly turning to welcome winter. The name of this change in the weather is autumn. In our country there are three seasons but four seasons.

How to avoid malaria

Why does malaria occur only in the changing seasons?

How does Kheer prevent malaria?

  •  Eating kheer made of milk and rice in autumn reduces the risk of malaria to a great extent. If you do not have diabetes and there is no history of it in the family, then during this season you can consume milk and rice kheer every day.
  • According to Ayurveda, milk and rice kheer Bile is sedative. That is, it reduces the amount of increased bile in the body and slows down the process of making bile. Between the high humidity and the falling temperature, it works to maintain a balance in the chemical reactions happening inside the body.
  • But keep in mind that this kheer should be made of white rice. Nothing is to be mixed in it except rice and milk. Neither mawa nor dry fruits. Prepare kheer by cooking rice properly in milk or say that by mashing it and consume it.
  • The maximum benefit of eating this kheer is obtained when indigenous cow’s milk is used in making kheer. . Because the composition of desi cow’s milk plays an important role in pacifying pitta.

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