Male, female or…X: US issued gender neutral passport

Washington: It was just a small box to tick an application form, but a huge success for de Ojeda, a non-binary man who on Monday applied for a gender-neutral passport. Became the first American to apply. 34-year-old activist Ojeda said, "So at least I have the government to say who I am as a person."

According to the news agency AFP "x" The option to obtain a passport with a gender designation was made available by the administration of US President Joe Biden on Monday. It’s a gift to the estimated 1.2 million Americans whose gender identity falls outside the categories of male or female.

This comes at a time when Republican lawmakers across the country are passing laws that critics say will undermine LGBTQ rights and further increase tensions around gender issues in a deeply divided nation.

Ojeda filled out the form 
At her home in the Washington suburb of Alexandria, Ojeda began filling out the lengthy online passport application form, entering her first and last name, then gender Selected from among three options, M for male, F for female and X – for those who do not identify with either of the first. Ojeda chose the third option.  He to show the difference from his previous passport "gender change" Also ticked the box. She was identified as a woman in her previous passport. He was not required to provide any medical documents for conversion.

administration made an important announcement on March 31 
The State Department announced in October that it had accepted gender discrimination after a protracted legal battle waged by a Colorado man who is intersex. Issued the first US passport with the X designation. But on March 31—the International Day of Transgender Visibility—the State Department announced that it was expanding that right to all Americans, as well as adopting other measures at the federal level that mean transgender and non-binary Easing administrative hassles for people.

Some other countries also have similar policies. Australia began issuing X-gender passports in 2011, with New Zealand, Canada, Germany and Argentina joining the roster since then, as well as Pakistan and Nepal.

Born in Peru, Ojeda can no longer wait to visit his relatives there as he has a new passport, which is required for international travel. Although he is still fighting to be accepted by his family.

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