Male-female sterilization was also affected during the Corona period in Delhi, know how much reduction

Delhi Covid-19 Effect:  Corona has wreaked havoc in Delhi. In the second wave of Kovid-19, it was difficult for patients to find a place in hospitals. At the same time, in view of the increasing number of corona infected patients, many hospitals had to dedicate Kovid. Because of this, patients of other diseases like kidney, heart, cancer, TB, etc. had become difficult to get treatment in hospitals. Not only this, male sterilization   And female sterilization was also affected.

During the Corona period Sterilization/Dialog in Nullification

What has been sterilization in the last seven years/Fluidation statistics

  • In 2014-2015, 811 men underwent sterilization, 16,647 women underwent vasectomy, the total figure was 17 thousand 458
  • 901 men underwent sterilization in 2015-2016, 16 thousand 482 women were sterilized , total figure is 17 thousand 383
  • In 2016-2017 1323 men got sterilization, 17 thousand 546 female vasectomy, total figure was 18 thousand 869
  • 491 in 2017-2018 Male sterilization, 16 market 513 female vasectomy, total figure 17 thousand 4.
  • In 2018-2019 499 male sterilization, 17 thousand 32 female vasectomy, total figure 17 thousand 531
  • 740 male vasectomy, 17 thousand 652 female vasectomy in 2019-2020, total 18 thousand 392 sterilization
  • 78 male sterilization in 2020-2021, 7 thousand 806 women got tubing done, the total figure was 7 thousand 884.

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